My Library Manager
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With My Library Manager, you can track and manage your book collection in your personal or official library. You can make a detail listing of your book collection with 19 different information to save. You can also rate your books from your personal liking. You will have the ability to track the book you loaned to somebody.

With this App, you can further search books in Google Book and see the details and public rating. There is option to add books to your library directly from your search result. Also with a single click, you can find all the existing books similar to what you have.

One of the most important feature is the ability to share your library catalog online. If you are running a school or any kind of public library, you can always manage your book with this app and share this to any web server. Any of your member then can import the catalog with a single click if you give them access. In this way, all your members will have updated library catalog in their own App. The members App will not have any interference with your master catalog.

You can directly scan Bar/QR code and the APP will get you detail information about the book. You can add that in your library or edit any existing book info just by scanning. You can scan directly from Add Entry or Edit Entry section, but sometimes there are multiple books in Google Books with same ISBN. Hence the recommended way is to scan from Search Book section which will list all the matched books and you can select which one to add to your catalog.

The major features include:

- Ability to directly add/edit/search books by scanning bar/QR code
- Share book catalog over internet to the target community
- Touch function to swipe through books
- UTF-8 encoding to allow you to work with non-English books
- Search book in Google Books, add/edit your library directly from Google book search result
- Import/Export functionality from web or internal/external memory
- Detail view and list view
- Download book information from Google
- Download book cover automatically against ISBN
- 19 different information to store

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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