Guide SuicideSquad Special Ops
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This guide app contained tricks and tips for Suicide Squad: Special Ops's game fan. The content will lead you to more enjoy and fun with this game! Suicide Squad, which premieres August 5, has recently offered up their own thematic game and we are happy to report it is a very strong entry among action movie tie-ins. Unlike most games of this sort, Suicide Squad: Special Ops is actually a well-designed, engaging, and surprise entirely free game.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is an endless survival high-score chaser where you play as three characters from the movie: Deadshot, El Diablo and Harley Quinn (sorry, for who looking for the Joker). You are fighting against waves of undead humanoid monsters who are shooting assault rifles and hacking with axes. You can choose the order you play the characters, but as each dies, a surviving member of the squad immediately takes over. The characters have unique weapons and skills, ideal for different types of attacks, and the game features robust and responsive melee and ranged combat. Whats most notable is that Suicide Squad: Special Ops completely free. There are no energy systems, no gates aside from level progression, and not a single IAP to be had anywhere in the game. You can play for as long as you can survive, or as long as youre willing to start over. Suicide Squad delivers a powerful hit, and you dont have to drop a dime to get in on the action.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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