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Story Summary:
We all dream, but only few of us dream BIG! Join John, Tom, Sara and Ellen as they discover a bottle with magical power. “Magic Bottle” takes you on an incredible journey where you will learn the power to dream big, and never give up until the dream turns into reality. This beautifully illustrated, fully interactive story game book is perfect for you and your kids. “Magic Bottle” features big, crisp, children friendly illustration throughout the entire app. Optimized specifically for the original iPad and iPad2, “Magic Bottle” is a story about dream and never give up that dream.

Fabulous highlights include:
•Native iPad app supports for the best graphic performance.
Various interactive elements spread out the entire book.
•Surprises everywhere!
•Making reading fun and interesting by tap and swipe your device to interact with the characters.
•Except the professional audio play automatically, parents and kids can record by themselves.

我們都愛做夢,但是敢把夢做 “大”的人並不多見。“Magic Bottle” 是一個讓大人與小孩一同閱讀,共享快樂時光的神奇故事。當四位小朋有共同發現一個神奇,具有魔力的瓶子時,各人用了不同的態度與精神,達到了截然不同的結果。“從遊戲中快樂的學習”一直都是奇多比最大的堅持。

繪本特點 :

•全美語故事:採全美語標示,改掉依賴中文閱讀的習慣 。
•唱歌跳舞學美語:讓孩子一起唱唱跳跳學美語 。
•單字遊樂場:運用押韻的單字,配上輕快的旋律唸唱 。
•自然玩發音:利用圖像式記憶及韻文,幫助記憶單字 。

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 3.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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