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of this world , what kind of it ? This is a seemingly simple question . However important to note that : seemingly .
Years ago I once received a birthday card , write the above sentence is very touching : the most exciting , in fact, the world itself . That is, I see this soon, I hope to live to travel around the world , always feel the need to know because this planet under their own lives . With this desire is, shortly after , I think the problem just mentioned : what is this world.
In curiosity , I through various channels and means , spend a lot of time and effort to find the answers. But I found that in the end is anyone's guess how this world.
Just as I was confused when a particular psychiatrist listening to a friend talking about is some cases. Then seemed to understand some of them: to understand why no one can say in the end is how the clearing of this world.

Road to say : Here is the earth ; God says : Here is the battle between heaven and hell ; philosophy says : Here is endless dialectic fog ; physics say : Here is the elementary particles piled out of the polymer ; humanities , said: Here is present ; history says : here is the cumulative time . All explanations are here.
It seems that in this world there are numerous surface irregularities .
So I started asking around with interest those who are familiar with : "In your opinion, in the world in the end is what? " However , the attitude did not get a serious answer .
Why? Probably because few people thought about it , few people really willing to face this problem , because we are busy making money , wives . Promotion ...... how few people care about in the end of the world . More people busy for me this is not money , not busy wives , not busy promotion behaviors in the offing , half-truths and also expressed concern : Are you crazy?

The book describes the form of interviews recorded live in another corner of the crowd ( the mentally ill, mental disorders , etc. marginal people ) deep and unique perspective are thinking , so that people can understand the true genius or a madman 's heart also world . This book is the first interview of the literary forms have human feelings . Covering many areas of physiology , psychology, Buddhism , religion, quantum physics , semiotics and the Mayan civilization and prophecies and so on.

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