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Computer viruses portrayed with lovely illustrations in Manga style!

This book, which is very popular in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, is now an App!
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Computer viruses shouldn't be that cute!!!

Is your PC or Smartphone infected?

Personal computers and, more often nowadays, smartphones have become a major part of our lives. We use them for surfing the net, watching movies, playing games, shopping online, keeping personal information - the list is endless. Yet there are some people out there, in cyberspace, forever coming up with new ways to sneak into our machines. The variety of ways in which these attacks are made is breathtaking. Some infiltrations are harmless, a bit of fun. Sadly, many attacks are pretty malicious.

This ebook will introduce you to more than 30 famous viruses and threats - from the very first - up to more recent ones. The viruses are portrayed by some devilishly cute characters, beautiful artwork and insightful dialogue. In addition, you will learn about counter-measures - with the aim of making you more computer security aware, in the hope that you will use your PCs with added confidence.

This ebook consists of 5 Chapters. Chapter 1 is free of charge,
and available in English and Japanese.


Chapter1 What is Computer Security?
- What is a Computer Virus?
- The Personality of a Virus Writer
- Security Software The software that fights back!
 F-Secure KINGSOFT  Panda Security  McAfee
 Kaspersky Symantec Trend Micro Microsoft
- Comic "HIKARI the Security Warrior" Episode 1 : Am I an Intel?

Chapter2 Viruses in the early days
- The Dawn of the Computer Virus
- Pakistani Brain
- Jerusalem
- Cascade
- Barrotes
- Concept
- Laroux
- Chernobyl
- Security Lecture "Against viruses"
- Comic" HIKARI the Security Warrior" Episode 2 : Exterminate!

Chapter3 Viruses that execute automatically
- Worms that infect files
- Melissa
- BubbleBoy
- LoveLetter
- Fbound
- Klez
- Sobig
- NetSky
- Antinny
- Security Lecture "Email containing viruses"
- Comic" HIKARI the Security Warrior" Episode 3 : Isolate!

Chapter4 Viruses that take advantage of Vulnerability
- Worms that use holes in the operating system for evil ends
- Sadmind
- CodeRed
- Nimda
- Slammer
- Blaster
- Sasser
- Security Lecture "Firewall"
- Comic" HIKARI the Security Warrior" Episode 4 : Let's Scan!

Chapter5 Viruses attack us in rapid succession
- Traps that are set one after another–a combined threat.
- SpyWare
- FakeSoftware
- Stration
- CXOver
- Autorun
- Conficker
- Gumblar
- Security Lecture "URL Filtering"
- Comic" HIKARI the Security Warrior" Episode 5 : Upgrade!


Illustrators :
Aoi Nishimata / Mamu Mitsumomo / Sae Ishikawa / Yumena Kamijo / EDMOL / Rin Kururugi / Onineko / Yuichi Kinugasa / neco / Imeri fumizuki / kagetomomodori / CK / Niyori / eighBee / Aiko-Mashiro&Makaro / Ainy / tanuki / Arika Mizuki / Uryu / Reizan Unosuke

Writer :
Koji Yoshizawa & jsotaro

English edition translator :
André Bollé

Cooperator :
Panda Security / F-Secure Coporetion / Kingsoft Corporation Ltd. / PS Japan / McAfee Co., Ltd. / www.dat.ac.jp / www.tca.ac.jp / Styraise.com / Noriaki Kato

Author :

First edition:
Sansai Mook vol.365 「Kawaii Security」(Mar.2011 Published by Sansai Books)

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 4.3

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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