BBVA 40+1 Innovators
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"The great challenge is implanting science into people's consciousness". These words of the Columbian scientist Manuel Elkin Patarroyo perhaps best serve to define the concept behind this book, the sole purpose of which is to spread awareness of the stimulating stories of great geniuses who, thanks to their tenacity, have managed to make their dreams a reality.

"Don't think of innovation as something divine that comes from Heaven. lt is a matter of working, studying and learning. Innovation is getting up every day with a desire to make the world a slightly better place." states Ferran Adrict the chef and creative genius. Forging the path ahead is a difficult methodical task in which patience is crucial and effort and commitment are the guiding principles.

The stories of a total of 41 grand projects can be found in these pages, grouped into chapters that each deal with a particular field of activity: technology, science. medicine. information technology, architecture and gastronomy. These fields are represented by individuals as diverse as Martin Cooper. the creator of mobile telephony. the primatologist Jane Goodall, Craig Venter, the human genome pioneer. Oscar Niemeyer, the first architect to explore the constructive and artistic potential of reinforced concrete, and Juan Mari Arzak, the indisputable world class mastermind of haute cuisine. The world is a little richer and more perfect thanks to all of these great people, each in their own field of activity. Their tireless dedication and personal commitment to each of their projects has enabled society to evolve and grow, and, in fact, it continues to do so.

At BBVA, we believe that Innovation Is a synonym of future. For this reason, from the Center of Innovation, we encourage people to create and discover, to think and to build. A laboratory of Ideas so that the great light of progress continues to shine brightly tomorrow. Forty one Innovators who have changed the world of the 21st Century.


►The Digital World: S. Jobs / Bill Gates / Sergey Brin y Larry Page / Mark Zuckerberg / Tim Berners-Lee / Jimmy Wales / Chad Hurley, Steve Chen y Jawed Karim

►A Giant Scientific Leap: Francis Crick y James Watson / Mariano Barbacid / Jane Goodall / Michel Mayor y Didier Queloz / Peter Higgs / Noam Chomsky / M. J. Molina-Pasquel

►The Technique That Puts The World In Order: Raymon S. Tomlinson / Martin Cooper / Richard Feynman / Willard Boyle y George Smith / Charles Kuen Kao / Andre Geim Y Konstantin Novosiólov

► Gastronomy, A Different Way Of Eating: Ferran Adrià / Alain Ducasse / Keller Thomas / Juan Mari Arzak / Joan Roca / Enrique Olvera / Gastón Acurio

►Architecture That Will Shape The 21St Century: Norman Foster / Frank O. Ghery /Oscar Niemeyer / Luis Barragán / Santiago Calatrava / Rafael Moneo / Toyo Ito / Herzog & De Meuron

► The Golden Age Of Medicine: Robert Langer / William Bonnez, Richard Reichman y Robert Rose / Craig Venter / Manuel E. Patarroyo / Joan Massagué

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