NICE Smart is "Business days report making system" to exert one's ingenuity variously so that even busy salesman may easily input informationRegistered information can be effectively used for the business operation.

【 feature 】
・ Easy daily report making only of selection of visit destination, purpose, and result, etc.
・ The daily report retrieval can see the business operation, and a past business talk history be pursued.
・ The place in the visit destination can be confirmed in cooperation with Google Map.
・ As for data, the intelligence sharing in the group is also possible with Google Calendar it is possible to synchronize .

【 main function 】
NICE business story Light is composed of "Daily report registration", "Action schedule", "Action results", "Daily report retrieval", "Daily report details", and "Environmental setting".

In "Daily report registration", the visit destination, the purpose, and the result, etc. can easily make the daily report by the selection form. The visit destination and those who see it can quote it from the where to make contact of iPhone. The quotation from the latest history (Up to ten) is also possible. In the amount of money input of sales and gross margin, etc. , it is possible to input it easily by using the simple calculator function. Moreover, because the made daily report can be notified by E-mail, it is possible to use it to report to the company. Moreover, if the account of Google Calendar is set, the daily report is made on Google Calendar.

The schedule and results can be having a look displayed in "Action schedule" and "Action results" every day. When today's schedule can be easily confirmed, and a day is scheduled, it is convenient.

In "Daily report retrieval", the daily report can be retrieved by specifying the range and visit destinations of the schedule, results, and the visit day. The last content of the visit can be confirmed, and an efficient business operation that doesn't leak can be done. Moreover, the schedule registered with Google Calendar can be updated as a daily report.

In "Daily report details", the content of the registered daily report can be displayed. The confirmation of the business talk history and the report and the map display to the visit destination can be done from a detailed daily report. Moreover, the registration of the continuing daily report, and the daily report can be corrected, and be deleted.

In "Environmental setting", the visit purpose, the result, and it expects and the item that can be selected with [tabi] can be freely changed. Moreover, an initial value at the E-mail notification destination can be set.

【 liaising 】
The daily report data can be transmitted to business support system NICE business story (for a fee). The intelligence sharing in the salesman becomes possible by cooperating with the NICE business story. Moreover, real-time sales information can be understood from various total functions.
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Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 3.1.2

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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