Zed TimeSheet
Zed Systems
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The timesheet app designed to work with QuickBooks. Upload your customer, service items and class lists from QuickBooks using a Timer list file (IIF) and start tracking your billable and non billable hours immediately. With a few clicks your timesheets can be imported directly back into QuickBooks for quicker and more accurate billing and payroll. You can also create invoices for billable hours and materials and enter payments received from customers.

Why time tracking is better with Zed

:: Peace of mind ::
It's easy to record and send timesheets so you are less likely to forget to enter billable hours for jobs that are away from the office. With a few clicks your timesheets can be emailed back to the office leading to faster billing, and a more accurate picture of what jobs are making you money and which are costing you money.

:: Saves you time ::
Because Timesheets works with QuickBooks you no longer have to re-key data, saving you time and making it easier to track both billable and non billable hours. Enter your time only once into your iPhone or iPad, then send it via email to be imported into QuickBooks or MYOB to produce pay checks and invoices.

:: Bill more ::
You can create invoices on the app from billable time you enter and materials so you are less likely to forget to bill for item, and send an invoice from the app means you get paid quicker.

List of features:
- Timer feature that you can pause to take a break and then resume
- Create time entries from your iPhone or iPad calendar activities.
- Upload your customer, service items and class lists from QuickBooks (Windows Desktop only) using a Timer IIF list file
- Group time entries by week and see running totals by week
- Option to enter time increments of 15, 6 or 1 minutes
- Print a timesheet via Airprint
- Customer center to see a summary of billable and non billable time spent by job
- Create invoices from billable time and materials then print, email, sms or Airdrop to the customer
- Attach a photo to invoices
- Enter payments received from customers to keep track of outstanding invoices
- Email timesheets to import into QuickBooks, MYOB or Excel
- Supports your local currency symbols and tax rates (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Ireland)

:: System requirements ::
- To send you need to have an email account and internet access
- QuickBooks Pro or above (Windows desktop only)
- MYOB integration requires MYOB AccountRight

Content rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download this app. Unrestricted Web Access

Requires OS: 7.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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