Heisler Calculator
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Heisler Calculator is a professional quality evaluation tool that quickly calculates internal temperatures for transient heat conduction through a 1-D plane wall of thickness 2*L. No more Heisler Charts! Heisler Calculator provides an accurate numerical solution, eliminating the need for tedious graphical results from Heisler charts.

Heisler Calculator allows inputs in either SI (metric) units I-P (English) units, and converts from one to the other.

The User Inputs:
• x (the spatial location in the plane wall, measured from the centerline)
• L (2L is the wall thickness)
• t (the elapsed time since the step change in surroundings temperature)
• h (the convective heat transfer coefficient)
• k (the thermal conductivity  of the wall material)
• α (the thermal diffusivity of the wall material)
• Ti (the initial uniform temperature of the wall)
• T∞ (the constant surroundings temperature far from the wall)

Heisler Calculator Outputs:
• x* (dimensionless distance from the center)
• Fo (the Fourier Number, dimensionless time)
• Bi (the Biot Number, dimensionless convective heat transfer coefficient)
• θ* (dimensionless Temperature, =(T-T∞)/(Ti-T∞))
• T (temperature at x at time t)

• the wall is initially at uniform temperature
• the temperature of the surroundings and the convective heat transfer coefficient are constant and uniform
• no heat generation inside the wall
• the Fourier number (αt/(L^2)) must be > 0.0001
• the wall and surroundings are symmetric around the wall centerline

If you have a question or suggestion, please email heislercalc@blumtnwerx.com

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 4.2

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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