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Tag video to dynamic QR code

Smart QR Code® is the most innovative and easy to use 'video and QR code' -platform in the world. We've invented a patented technology that will give you the opportunity to attach all types of media directly to dynamic Smart QR Code® QR codes, just by using the internet or your mobile phone. You are also able to add a geolocation and a scan range to your QR code, which will define where your content can be seen.


Smart QR Code offers you the possibility to change the content behind QR codes without changing the shape of the QR codes. This makes it possible to print a QR code on a folder, a business card or whatever you like and attach media afterwards. You can change the content behind the code whenever you want, by using internet or the Smart QR Code® APP on your mobile phone.


Allow you to redirect users to different final destinations, depending on their location. You can add several media items to a single QR code by using the Smart QR Code APP or website. Just address the QR code you want to tag, select your media item or weblink, add the location and scan range and your QR code can be used.


1. QR codes on business cards

Create your personal business card. Introduce yourself by making an introduction video with your mobile phone and tag it to your card. Make your card even more special by tagging a location based video, custom-made for your contact. And of course you are also able to tag your company video to your business card. Just download the Mediatag APP and start right now!

2. Publishers using QR codes

Smart QR Code QR codes are perfect for publishers to add a video to articles or advertisements. It will give a new dimension to magazines, newspapers and books. Just print a random Smart QR Code to an article and add content to the QR code afterwards. You are able to change this content whenever you like.

3. Using dynamic QR codes in gadgets

Use Smart QR Code for the gadget industry: examples are personalizing gifts, funny video's on your products, etc etc. Tag your own funny dog video to your doormat. There are endless possibilities.

4. Storytelling T-Shirt with QR codes

Imagine wearing a T-shirt with a QR code. People scanning your shirt will see what video you made that day. Tell people how you feel. Or allow them to attach their stories to your T-shirt. Wherever you go, the story on your T-shirt can change depending on your location. Whatever you'd like to attach to your shirt: video’s, music, websites... It can be done

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 5.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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