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The SESI app is an essential tool for installers working in areas where the water has a high or variable mineral content; also known as hard water areas. The app turns your iPhone into an indispensable tool for checking water hardness and locating stockists of Salamander’s solution to the problems caused by hard water: SESI.

Designed primarily for installers, the SESI app can be used to confirm:

• that you are working on a property in an area with high or medium levels of water hardness;
• if there is a need to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations; and
• whether your customers would be able to save up to £100 per year on their energy bills with the installation of a SESI.

The app can report the water hardness at any postcode within the UK as a parts per million (ppm) reading, enabling installers to plan ahead and double-check water hardness if they work in a region where water hardness varies. The app categorises these ppm results into soft water, slightly hard water, and hard water, recommending whether or not the household could save energy and money with a SESI.

Features include:

• Postcode Search – check local water hardness across the UK
• Water Hardness Analysis – get results in ppm to give customers accurate information
• Part L Compliance Advice – a compliance reminder appears when results come back as exceeding 200ppm
• Stockist Search – search for nearby SESI stockists
• Interactive Map – view locations of stockists on an interactive map, complete with contact details
• Benefits of SESI – a quick guide shows the benefits for customers of having a SESI, a great sales tool
• Fitting Guide – a simple six step guide explains how to fit a SESI


From the homepage, a number of options are visible along the bottom tab.

• To check the water hardness in any area within the UK, choose the Water hardness tab and enter the postcode of your customer. Press the Check button to return the results, in ppm, along with a recommendation on whether or not the property in question could benefit from the installation of a SESI.
• If you have already established the water hardness level, you may wish to search for local stockists. An interactive map shows nearby merchants which stock SESI, complete with phone numbers should you wish to ring ahead and check stock levels. If you are working in an unfamiliar or difficult-to-reach area, the map provides addresses which can be entered into a sat nav.
• Once you have established the need for and obtained a SESI, the How to Fit tab provides a clear six step guide to installation.

For more information on water hardness, limescale, electrolytic devices, or Part L, installers or homeowners can visit


1.6mm of scale in heating systems causes a 12% loss in heat transfer from the energy source*, creating a hidden cost for hard water homeowners. Delight them with the news that they could save up to £100 a year off their energy bills by restoring the effectiveness of their central heating system with SESI.


The SESI app is an indispensable tool for installers, offering guidance in terms of compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

In Part L, installers of heating and hot water systems are directed to the Building Regulations Compliance Guide, which states that:

"Where the mains water hardness exceeds 200 parts per million, provision should be made to reduce the rate of accumulation of limescale."

65% of the UK population is supplied with hard water, so check with the SESI app to be sure that, where necessary, you are complying.

Thanks to Salamander (Engineering) Ltd, you can now check whether hard water affects your area and educate homeowners on the money- and energy-saving benefits of SESI, whilst improving compliance with Part L.

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 3.2

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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