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  • Professional Time Calculator (FREE) - Advanced Time Calculator and Date Calculator combined

Professional Time Calculator (FREE) - Advanced Time Calculator and Date Calculator combined
LeisureMob Pty Ltd
6.1 13.9mb

Professional Time Calculator is an advanced, best-in-class time calculator, and is packed full of useful features. This is the easiest-to-use, and the best time calculator for your iPhone and iPad.

This app is a universal app, and works on both the iPhone and the iPad.



Professional Time Calculator has 4 modes, consisting of:

* Standard time calculator mode, which calculates time duration (difference) between two time points e.g. "From 12:45pm Today to 3:36pm Tomorrow = 26hrs 51mins". You can enter either am/pm time such as 3:36pm or 24hr clock time such as 15:36. You can also include SECONDS in your time if you want to, e.g. 12:45:30pm (30secs). You can also project time forward or backward, e.g "6:58pm Today add 13hrs 38mins = 8:36am Tomorrow". And "6:58pm Today Subtract 22hrs 45mins = 8:13pm Yesterday".

* Time Arithmetic mode, which can do all 4 arithmetic calculations: Plus, Minus, Times, Divide. E.g. You can do "3hrs 36mins + 6.68hrs = 10hrs 16mins (or 10.28hrs)" , and "3hrs 36mins x 16 = 57hrs 36mins (or 57.6hrs)". You can enter your input in decimal format such as 3.58hrs, or enter your input in non-decimal format such as 3hrs 34mins. The answer is available in both formats.

* Time Adder mode, which allows you to quickly and easily add up a long list of time durations. For example, if you have a long list of time durations such as 3hrs 25mins, 5.58hrs, 7hrs 12mins, 6.91hrs,… up to 100 values, you can quickly and easily enter them to add them up to get the Grand Total, the Average time duration, and the Lowest and Highest values. And they would all be recorded onto the calculator's tape for you to email or copy.

* Standard Date Calculator mode is used to calculate the duration (difference) between two dates. For example, "From July 17, 1983 to Today Aug 25, 2013 = 32yrs 01mth 08days". You can also project backward or forward to see what the date would be in the past or in the future. For example, you want to find out what date it was exactly 3yrs 6mths 10days ago: "today Sun, Aug 25, 2013 Subtract 3yrs 6mths 10days = Mon, Feb 15, 2010". You want to find out what date it would be 9mths 10days from today: "today Aug 25, 2013 add 00yrs 09mths 10days = Wed, Jun 4, 2014". You can also enter any date, and this app will tell you which day of the week it was/will be. For example, enter "Jun 10, 2014" and it will tell you that it will be a Tuesday. Enter you birthday e.g "July 17, 1983" and it tells you that it was a Sunday.


* EASY TO USE. Intuitive. Live instructions help. Even the keys are highlighted at every stage to guide you.

* FAST. No wheels, no tiny keypads, no text boxes to fill. You press buttons like on a real calculator. Fast and convenient to use. You won't go back to what you were using.

* AUTOFILL KEY. Smart key to auto fill and save you time.

* ONE TOUCH. Designed with touch input in mind, most settings and functions can be actioned with just a tap.

* NATURAL LANGUAGE. User interface is really easy to understand and use.

* CUSTOMIZABLE: skin can be changed and customized.

* TAPE. Tape is available which records all calculations on it. You can remove any calculation from the tape if you wish to.

* ADD NOTES: You can also add notes to each calculation.

* EMAIL. One tap to email the tape, to yourself or others.

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 7.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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