RICOH TAMAGO Pita Projection
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RICOH TAMAGO Pita Projection
iPad/iPhone App for correcting projection image distortion.

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This App for iPad/iPhone enables to correct projection image distortion and project the corrected image.

Depending on the projection surface, geometry of the wall or the screen, the projector image sometimes becomes distorted.
This App works effectively to correct such distortion and enables to project right image with doing nothing more than shooting projection image.
So it does not require long time to position or set the projector.

Main functions:
-Project PDF document from iPad/iPhone to RICOH projector (Wireless or Wired)
-Project reformed image with calibration function

How to use:
1. After storing PDF document for use, start "TAMAGO Pita Projection" App.
(you can also open PDF document through Web using [Open in Pita Projection])
2. Select PDF document to project.
3. (For Wireless) Tap projector icon to select projector.
(For Wired) Connect iPad/iPhone and projector with cable.
4. Tap calibration icon in the document-view screen and shoot pattern image with iPad/iPhone's photo shot button.
5. Tap [Use] button in preview screen.
6. After the dewarping process, reformed image is projected.
7. Dewarp button enables to switch from "After dewarp" to "Before dewarp".

Tips for shooting:
1. Keep the iPad/iPhone parallel to the projection surface, and shoot at directly opposite the projection surface.
Please refer to the level indicator displayed in the camera screen.
2. Hold the iPad/iPhone in landscape orientation and shoot pattern image occupying 80-90% of iPad/iPhone screen.
3. Adjust the focus of the projector to the screen in advance.

-Device : iPad2, new iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
-OS version : iOS 5.1, 6.0
-Network : Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) - IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
*iPad and the projector must be connected in the same broadcast domain.
-Projector :
--For wireless connection
Ultra Short Focus Model : RICOH PJ WX4130N
Short Focus Model : RICOH PJ WX4240N, X4240N
Desk Edge Model : RICOH PJ WX3340N, X3340N
Mobile Model : RICOH PJ X3240N
--For wired connection
Ultra Short Focus Model : RICOH PJ WX4130
Short Focus Model : RICOH PJ WX4240, X4240
Desk Edge Model : RICOH PJ WX3340, X3340
Mobile Model : RICOH PJ X3240
-Document Format : PDF format(version 1.5)

Use conditions:
Require sufficient network access.
-Require three-antenna indicator shown at left top corner of iPad/iPhone screen
-Network information such as IP address needs to be set correctly
-Delete prior network setting other than the using network (Recommended)
*If there is prior wi-fi network other than the using network, it subjects to reconnection with other network
-Set right proxy information
*Limited to the case using proxy with network
-Set off the proxy when unable to connect even though the proxy setting is correct (Recommended)
-Set off the privacy separator of wi-fi router
*Privacy separator function prevents iPad/iPhone from using this application
-Set Bluetooth off to keep stable wi-fi connection

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 5.1

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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