iMOC is a unified communications client for Office Communicator Server 2007 (OCS 2007 and OCS 2007 R2) and Lync Server (CWA Server is required). It allows you to find your contacts and manage them. You can use instant messaging, voice call (not VoIP), SMS or Email to communicate with others.

• Presence Setting
• Contact Management
• Group management
• Rich Buddy List
• Contact Card
• Offline Address Book
• IM Message Management
• Integrated iPhone Address Book
• support in app mail
• Support Voice call
• Support Multi Language (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)
• Software Setting
• Support iOS 4 quick switch: When you press home button, make a call or answer a call with iMOC, it would be suspend and the connection will keep for several minutes. When you come back to iMOC you will receive the IM during the period that iMOC is not running.

• To use iMOC your organization must have Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS 2007 or OCS 2007 R2) and a Communicator Web Access (CWA) Server
• If you have any question please contact us or check with your IT department before you purchase iMOC.

iMOC為搭配Office Communicator Server 2007 (OCS 2007 R1及R2)及Lync Server所提供之整合通訊用戶端軟體,您可以利用它尋找或管理企業的聯絡人,並可使用即時訊息、語音電話(非VoIP)、簡訊或Email與他人聯繫。

• 軟體設定:提供帳號密碼、聲音提醒、震動提醒、自動登入及回覆預設值等設定功能
• 群組管理:提供新增、刪除、修改及自訂排序群組功能
• 連絡人管理:提供新增、刪除、修改及搜尋連絡人功能
• 整合式連絡人清單:整合照片、名稱、上線狀態、自定狀態及記事顯示於連絡人清單中,並以上線狀態排序連絡人
• 連絡人卡片:提供連絡人詳細連絡資訊,點選電話直接撥打電話或傳送簡訊,點選Email直接開啟mail軟體
• 離線電話簿:允許離線查看連絡人相關連絡資料,進而撥打電話、傳送簡訊或Email給對方
• 手機電話簿連動:可將連絡人清單中的人員傳送至手機電話簿,也可於手機電話簿中挑選人員加入連絡人列表
• 對話訊息管理:提供未讀訊息及數量顯示,以及刪除單一或所有對話訊息功能
• 上線狀態變更:提供變更自己的上線狀態功能
• 支援iOS 4快速切換功能:當您按下Home鍵、接聽或撥打電話時iMOC將會暫停執行, 連線將會被保留數分鐘。當您再回到iMOC時您將會收到在您短暫離開時其他人傳送給您的IM訊息。

• 您所屬的組織必須擁有Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS 2007或OCS 2007 R2) 以及Communicator Web Access (CWA) Server 才能使用iMOC
• 若您有任何的疑問請聯繫我們或請教您所屬組織的IT技術人員

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 4.3

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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