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WRS iOrder is a modern handheld ordering solution that connects via WiFi to a restaurant’s hospitality system; recording and transmitting customer orders to preparation areas, as well as instantly updating the restaurants Point of Sale (POS).

Using an iPod touch, WRS iOrder enables restaurant staff to effortlessly capture orders while at the customer’s side allowing them to focus more on customer service rather than the journey between table and POS terminal simply to process orders. This saves time, both for the restaurant and for the customer, which in turn increases efficiency and enhances profitability.


You may download and install WRS iOrder to your iOS device for a full feature version of the App. To help understand how WRS iOrder functions, you may connect to the WRS iOrder trial service with the following access details.

Full Operation mode

Account : 1001
Restaurant : 1002
User Name : iorder
User Password : iorder

Bar Operation mode

Account : 1001
Restaurant : 1009
User Name : iorder
User Password : iorder

Select the refresh button (top left on Settings View) to download menu etc.

A wifi connection is required to download restaurant settings and menus.

For a full, live WRS iOrder solution contact us at iorder@appsherpas.com for details on integrating with your existing Point of Sale solution or to discuss deploying in your restaurant, bar or club.


Using WRS iOrder the waiter can;

• Operate in Full or Bar Operation mode

• Open a table on the POS and set covers in preparation to accept orders

• From the full drink and food menus, build a customers order and submit for processing

• Manage multiple tables with easy access to a table’s current order history including time submitted for processing

• Add items to a table order during one or multiple visits to the table

• Annotate special instructions to the kitchen or bar staff against individual items when submitting an order

• Instruct the POS to prepare the bill in preparation for payment and closing of the table

• Link multiple tables to accommodate large groups under a single bill

• Mark a table as reserved

• Option to restrict a waiter’s view to just their assigned tables

• Access to WRS iOrder through user name and password authorisation

• All WRS iOrder transactions on the POS recorded against waiter name and fully integrated with POS and back office management reporting

• Operate in Bar Operation mode (new)
In this mode, WRS iOrder operates in single transaction mode where menu items are sent to the POS for processing but no record is maintained on the WRS iOrder device.

This mode is aimed specifically at clubs, bars, wine bars, where single orders are collected with the central POS maintaining a running total of the table bill.

Select the Chargrilled Rib-Eye menu item (Char Grilled menu) to see the automatic popup menu items displayed. These may be free option or chargeable

Select the Whole Roasted Sea Bream menu item (Char Grilled menu) and select the info option to display additional information on that item.


WRS iOrder requires a minimum of a WRS Systems Point of Sale system with WRS services installed and WRS System's back office menu management system.

One or more iPod touch devices. Both 3.5” and 4” devices are supported.

WiFi network to communicate between POS and iOrder devices.

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 6.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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