THE NEXT Marketing Series #2 - Digital Marketing Heartbeat
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“Digital Marketing Heartbeat” is the second in a series of thought-provoking e-booklets provided by EMC’s Marketing Team. It contains food for thought for B2B marketers in the technology marketing space.


People are only able to achieve great things when they collaborate. As the forms of collaboration are changing, so are our teams, our methodologies and ultimately our organizations and our society. Digital – and within digital, social – is a key driver for bringing people together. Increasingly so from a more diverse background than ever before. This enables people to contribute to projects that fuel their sense of achievement and growth, even when that is beyond their job description. Herein lay opportunities to companies not only to increase the motivation of employees, but also to forge strong loyalty ties with customers. Testimony to the fact that the heartbeat of digital marketing is people!

People are still … people and face-to-face contact remains a crucial element in many of our relationships. Our digital body language is still relatively hard to read, although we may expect an increase in devices that capture not just what we ‛write’ or ‛share’ but also our moods and emotions when we’re being socially active online. A real handshake still goes a long way though and that will remain so for a very long time. Fusing off- and online and people and digital is the challenge companies face today. Strategies like account-based marketing and lead nurturing are just 2 elements available in the sales and marketing play book. A play book which we all continue to write as new technologies emerge and, consequently, our behavior continues to evolve.

The topics covered in the ‘Digital Marketing Heartbeat’ e-booklet consist of:
- From hybrid communication to omni-channel marketing
- Account-based marketing
- Rings of influence
- Search engine marketing
- Industrializing the lead nurturing process

The booklet contains the latest management insights on B2B marketing within the technology space and provides examples of how EMC moves towards digirati status.

Editor: Hélène Barnekow

Inspired by EMC marketers around the world - food for thought from a passionate marketing team.
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Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 6.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad

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