DevExpress DataExplorer Lite
Developer Express Inc
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Allow iPad users to easily analyze data sources of any complexity. Unlimited master-detail drill down, customizable lists or record detail forms, data sorting, grouping, filtering and text search functionality – everything is made available via an intuitive interface.

The DevExpress DataExplorer for iPad provides a unique way of building native iOS data browsing applications without having to write a single line of code. Developers or power users can connect to OData web services and DataExplorer will automatically generate the default UI for all available data tables, their relationships and built-in parameterized queries. The UI editor then allows you to specify each entity’s availability, add or remove record view forms or detail lists and customize their presentation style, resize UI elements and modify text captions for all data tables and fields.

AVAILABLE IN FULL VERSION: Onсe the data browsing app has been set up, you can share it with anyone else who has the DevExpress DataExplorer application installed. They will receive a ready-to-use data browser with all required data shaping and manipulation features including sorting, grouping, filtering and text search. Advanced users can continue adjusting the interface, as the same UI customization features are available to all DataExplorer users.

Data browsing features include:

• Data sorting and grouping against an unlimited number of fields.
• Unlimited master-detail drill-down.
• Intuitive filter criteria builder.
• Searching records against multiple keywords.
• Parameter entry UI for parameterized queries.

UI Setup and Customization Features:

• Split or Tabbed layout for the app UI.
• Ability to define device orientations that the app supports.
• Four types of list views – from single-value lists to fully-customizable tables.
• Record view forms with support for field groups.
• Image and multi-line memo field display.
• Tabbed detail views for one-to-many relationships.
• Four different master-detail navigation methods – from standard drill-down to side-by-side display and even modal screens.
• Data table and data field visibility customization.
• Customizable captions for data table and data fields.
• Numeric and date-time value formatting.
• Panel splitter / resizer for side-by-side views.
• 90 degree UI rotation for side-by-side views.
• Data table column resizing.

Data connectivity and initial configuration:

• Full support for OData web services v2, including OData function support (parameterized queries).
• Partial support for OData v3 to enable Stream property support and thus image display.
• Automatic data table, relation and parameterized query recognition and basic UI construction.
• On-demand asynchronous data loading for fast and fully responsive UI.
• Support for Basic, Digest, and NTLM authentication.

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 7.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad

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