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The Easiest Way to run your ToolBox Meetings:

- No need for paperwork.
- No preperation required.
- Proof of attendance.
- Records audio of entire meeting, stores digital signatures of attendees, automatically determines meeting location, stores group photo of attendees, sends all attendees email confirmation of attendance, sends supervisors and managers full meeting report.
- Free to use (no licences, no subscription for standard version).

Historically, Toolbox Meetings have been used by organisations to identify, highlight, educate and clarify safety issues, safe work methods and other site related instructions whereby a supervisor or foreman communicates with a group of employees. Meetings are usually conducted at a work site (not a meeting room), usually once a week (best practice) and should not take any more than 15 minutes.

However, these meeting are normally documented using paper – which can, and often is, lost or destroyed. There are numerous toolbox meeting modules embedded within “site safety” type software packages whereby the the “paper” now appears on the screen in exactly the same format. There has to be a better way…

The UIG ToolBox App was designed in relation to numerous requests, being:

- we want a toolbox App that just does toolbox meetings.
- we don’t want to have to subscribe to expensive site safety software just to get the module we need.
- we want the App to be fully featured – we don’t want a simple electronic version of the paper system mated to a calendar for reminders – it needs to do more than that.
- it needs to be easy to use.
- it needs to be cost effective.
- it needs to work on the existing smart phone/tablet hardware we currently have.

For these, and many other reasons, the UIG ToolBox App has been created. It does everything you need. Its free to use. It's available for iOS smart-phones and tablets. It aids compliance. It saves time. Its ready for download, now.

The UIG Toolbox App eliminates the guesswork and assumptions commonly associated with toolbox meetings. It provides factual evidence that proves:

- A meeting actually took place.
- Not only that the meeting took place but, what was said, who attended, who arrived late, who left early, proves that the meeting and its topic was worthwhile and appropriate.
- The UIG Toolbox App records the audio of the meeting, captures digital signatures of the attendees, captures a group photo of the attendees at the end of the meeting whilst recording GPS location tagged against start and finish times.
- This App proves BEYOND DOUBT that the meeting took place, where it took place, who was there and what was said.

As a result of using electronic toolbox technology, this shows that:

- The organisation is serious about employee safety, employee protection and employee education.
- The organisation has a thorough understanding of, and commitment to, tool box meetings and the benefits they provide, being advantageous for all concerned.
- The organisation sees tool box meetings as a vital part of their safety management system, and via the use of an electronic tool box meeting methodology, the company can review, monitor, assess and improve the effectiveness of their tool box meetings and the vital information they provide to their employees. Compare this to organisations which are simply happy to file away attendance sheets….

How the UIG Tool Box Meeting App saves an organisation time and money:

- eliminates paper shuffling.
- eliminates lost/damaged paperwork and the effort that needs to go into getting signatures again (especially when attendees have moved to new sites).
- allows quick and efficient retrieval of any/all previous toolbox meetings when requested by compliance, authority or insurance auditors.
- foremen do not need to prepare before a meeting or collate paperwork after a meeting.
- helps to reduce workplace injury via better instruction, constant access to relevant information.

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 5.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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