BTC Keep
1.0 2.2mb

Rates are updated on your demand, all the main exchanges in your hand.

This application combines cryptocurrency market rates with graphs and calculator.
Main features:
-more than 75 trade pairs;
-trade history overview chart;
-integrated exchange rate calculator based on current exchange rates.

Supported coins:
-Bitcoin (BTC);
-Litecoin (LTC);
-Nxt crypto (NXT);
-BountyCoin (BOC);
-LuckyCoin (LKY);
-CosmosCoin (CMC);
-FreeCoin (FRE);
-PhilosopherStone (PHS);
-MinCoin (MNC);
-PrimeCoin (XPM);
-GrowthCoin (GRW);
-PayCoin (PYC);
-ButterflyCoin (BFC);
-VertCoin (VTC);
-ZeitCoin (ZEIT);
-CatCoin (CAT);
-PhenixCoin (PXC);
-DigitalCoin (DGC);
-NeoCoin (NEC);
-Deutsche eMark (DEM);
-TerraCoin (TRC);
-Unobtanium (UNO);
-AsicCoin (ASC);
-FireflyCoin (FFC);
-FastCoin (FST);
-TagCoin (TAG);
-NobleCoin (NOBL);
-LottoCoin (LOT);
-ZetaCoin (ZET);
-EarthCoin (EAC);
-DogeCoin (DOGE);
-Cryptogenic Bullion (CGB);
-MegaCoin (MEC);
-OpenSourceCoin (OSC);
-BottleCaps (CAP);
-HoboNickels (HBN);
-GoldCoin (GLD);
-ExtremeCoin (EXC);
-TekCoin (TEK);
-WorldCoin (WDC);
-TeaCoin (TEA);
-Joulecoin (XJO);
-AnonCoin (ANC);
-NovaCoin (NVC);
-ContinuumCoin (CTM);
-MoonCoin (MOON);
-ByteCoin (BTE);
-PPCoin (PPC);
-SmartCoin (SMC);
-InfiniteCoin (IFC);
-SexCoin (SXC);
-BetaCoin (BET);
-SecureCoin (SRC);
-TigerCoin (TGC);
-FeatherCoin (FTC).

Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 7.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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