Use the free Chargescout App for registering charge points for electric vehicles and earn money!
This software is an easy to use charge point registration tool to register very quickly a charge point you may see passing by and this not only with benefits for others but for you.
The company Apple is neither sponsoring nor involved in any way.
In no cases the awards are Apple products. A Chargescout award is defined as a payout of money.
This Software was developed by Rafael de Mestre, the man who went around the world without any support or co-driver as first man in a 100% electric standard car:
His unique experience drove him to develop this useful software to get the world a little bit better. Downloading and using this software will support him and his next projects to help the world.
The cool thing is that you can use it to save your own, private sites and you can manage to give the view rights to the people you know. For instance “charge points of our family” or “hotels I like”.
Register public charge points and earn money with it! The way how you earn is really easy. Every charge point gives you scouting points. If the charge point already exists then you’ll get one point, but if it does not exist you will get a lot more. The most points you’ll get if you find a high power socket or charge station inside a hotel garage.
You will get points for every entry and at the chargelocator website you will see the ranking. Every end of the year the top ten are getting money for their ranking place. There are several award disciplines. The entering of a charge point can be done in less than a minute. If you want us to sponsor an EV rally, just contact us, we award the winner of the WAVE trophy with 1.000€ and the first three places of the 9 days eTourEurope 2014 also. Check out at website to see the terms and conditions. So now it’s worth to be green helping the world to get a bit better!
This version has an offline support, so even in the case that you don’t have coverage the data is saved and sent with a delay in the moment you are online again for instance if you are outside of your home country having no roaming contract and you are connected over Wi-Fi in your hotel in the evening.
After the registration of a point you’ll get the message that you will be awarded with points. The administrator will get an email with the point which was reported by you. He will check it and after he accepts this point as valid you’ll get the points. If the reported point after some time will be reported by another chargescout or user as invalid you will be disqualified and will lose all points after approval of this fraud attempt. We don’t expect any fraud, because out of our experience EV owners are normally reliable, kind and trustful persons.
The reported charging points for electric vehicles will be visible online if they are not reported as private and can be seen via web, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. A user will be able to see his private charge points after his correct login at
This is the first version of Chargescout. We developed it and tested it as good as possible. But as you know IOS versions are changing very frequently so in case of any error, please contact us. We will do our best to bring out an update in case of any issue.
Also in the case you have an idea for improvement you are invited to post a comment on the chargelocator forum at the website. In case of any comments you’re also invited to send an email to We will try to fulfill your wishes as soon as possible.
Join the Chargelocator Network, become a Charge Scout and make money out of it!
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Content rating: Rated 4+

Requires OS: 7.0

Supported Devices:
- iPad
- iPhone
- iPod Touch

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