Book Reading Stats
Alex Veit
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The purpose of Book Reading Stats is to keep track of your reading progress.

To use Book reading Stats:

*Start it and click "Add Book" on the bottom of the screen, this will open a new screen titled "Book".

*In the screen "Book" you will input the name of the book you will begin to read, and the total number of pages the book has.

*When you decide to start a reading session click "Sessions" (from the options menu, it's icon is a magnifying glass with a plus sign), this will lead you to the Sessions screen.

*Click "Start" (from the options menu, it's icon is a stopwatch), this will open a dialog with controls for a stopwatch. Click the "Start" button in the dialog box and begin to read.

*When you are done with your reading session click the "Stop" button then click "Done" from the stopwatch dialog box. This will prompt you with a new dialog box called "Page". (note that you must read for at least over 1 minute)

*In the "Page" dialog box you input the page you stopped reading at. Then click "OK".

*Now you will see a new session in the list from the screen Sessions.

*Click "Done" (from the options menu, it's icon is a floppy disk)in the screen Sessions. This will bring you back to the "Book" screen.

*Now, in the "Book" screen you can see the percentage read, elapsed time, estimated read time, and estimated time left to read the book.

*Click "Done" (from the options menu, it's icon is a floppy disk) to save your progress.

*This will lead you back to the main screen and you will see the name of the book you had just added.

*Form the main menu you can click the "chart" option menu.

*The "Time Spent Chart" displays a pie chart depicting the percentage spent reading each book.

*Repeat these steps for every book you read and you will quickly become motivated to read more and more, because you can readily see your progress!!!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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