The Beginning of Creation
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Authored by‭: ‬The Humane Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho
‭(‬His soul has been sanctified by Al'lah‭)‬ 1890-1964

Checked and introduced by
The researcher and thinker
Prof‭. ‬A‭. ‬K‭. ‬John Alias Al-Dayrani

In the name of God the All Compassionate the All-Merciful
The Almighty Al'lah and the beginning of creation is a very important Devine elucidation‭, ‬it should be known by every human being that it reveals to man some valuable enlightenments which touch his existence‭, ‬past and forever-future‭.‬
You conceive through this sublime demonstration some portions of the high attributes of the Almighty Al'lah and you know through this Devine text how Al'lah is most Merciful‭, ‬most Kind‭, ‬most Bountiful and most Just‭.‬
You read in it and be squinted with many significant important points such as‭:‬
‭- ‬Has God been alone before the existence of creation‭, ‬or not‭?‬
‭- ‬Why did He create the creatures‭, ‬what is His purpose‭?‬
‭- ‬What is the realty of the pre-material world‭ ‬‮"‬Al-Azal world"?‬
‭- ‬What is the essence of the creatures‭ ?‬
‭- ‬Why did the creatures differentiate and contrast from each other‭, ‬how has the Godly Justice appeared in this differentiation and contrast of creatures‭; ‬mankind‭, ‬Jinn‭, ‬angels‭, ‬plants‭, ‬Earth‭, ‬heavens and etc‭?‬
‭- ‬Why then did He send the creatures including mankind into this worldly life‭?‬
‭- ‬How do the good deeds affect the spirit approaching God‭?‬
‭- ‬Is the presence of Yearning in the spirit of mankind good for him or bad‭? ‬Is it‭ ‬"an advantage or disadvantage"?‬
‭- ‬How does the freedom of choice affect the value of deeds‭?‬
‭- ‬What is the trust which the Almighty Al'lah offered to His creatures‭?‬
‭- ‬Who are the angels‭? ‬What is the real meaning of the word‭ ‬‮"‬angel"?‬
Also‭, ‬you know many important issues through this Devine text‭ , ‬you know that‭ ‬God gave all His creatures the same quality and ability to approach Him‭, ‬but when He offered them the trust‭, ‬a group of them accepted it and then ignored it‭. ‬After that they differed‭, ‬... you will be acquainted why they differed and some other unprecedented facts‭.‬
You also read sublime explanation about the Fate‭.‬
All the praises and thanks be to Al'lah‭.‬

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