Wive's & GF's Understand
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First of all, I would ask you to read this entire book with an open mind, and consider the fact that just because you haven’t thought of some of this stuff before doesn’t mean it’s not true.

In the following pages, I’m going to tell you how us guys really feel… if you’re smart you’ll at least admit to yourself that you don’t know everything and that maybe I’m telling the truth.

…and, if you go one step further and actually put some of this stuff into practice, get ready for a big improvement in your relationship. (you’re welcome in advance)

There is a common misconception when it comes to relationships and happiness, and it usually starts with the woman. Whether movies, music, the media, conversations with friends or simple pop culture are to blame, women believe that the only important component to being in a successful relationship is that they are the only one who is happy.

It is often overlooked how the man feels about the happenings within that relationship, as long as the woman is getting her way.

A lot of women will balk at that statement, insisting it is not true, that they want to make their many happy all of the time too. That would be a great argument, if it were actually true.

If your man IS happy all of the time, and you are miserable in your relationship, would you consider it a success? Of course you wouldn't.

However, if you were happy as a lark, and enjoyed each and every day of your relationship, because you get everything you want, would that be a successful relationship? Most women would say yes to that scenario.

The problem is there is absolutely no mention of how the man feels in that description, so how could a woman answer it matter of factly?

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