Pandurang Vitthal ( Vitthala )
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Pandurang Vitthal android app provides an information about lord vitthal , Pandharpur , lord Vitthal Abhang , Sant parampara (culture), Dnyaneshwari , Sant Tukaram Gatha , Haripath , Lord Vitthal arati , sant prayers , Sant Dnyaneshwar Amrutanubhav , Changdev Pasashthi , Marathi songs , bhakti geete and many other lord vitthal literature..

Lord Vitthal is predominantly worshipped in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. Lord Vitthal is considered as manifestation of lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna. Vitthal is the focus of varkari faith of Maharashtra and haridas faith of Karnataka. The Varkari poet ( sant ) are known for their unique genre of devotional lyrics called as abhang. These abhang are short poetic lines written by many saints ( sant ). Abhang praises lord vitthal also called as Vithoba or Pandurang and the world created by lord vitthal.

Sant Mahanta Yetil ghari, |
Anande nachu valavanti ||

Pandurang Vitthal android app provides information, photos and literature of lord vitthal and various sant . Some of these sants are,
sant Tukaram Maharaj ,
sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj ,
sant Namdev Maharaj ,
sant Eknath Maharaj,
sant Chokhamela,
and sant Janabai

Many people want to be in touch with lord vitthal , haripath , sant parampara and abhang but they cannot because of not having one common source of information .
Pandurang Vitthal android app provides single platform to enjoy many abhang at single place. It also contains Dnyaneshwari, Amrutanubhav, Pasaydan, Haripath and Changdev Pasashthi by Sant Dnyaneshwar. Pandurang Vitthal android app also provides Tukaram Gatha written by Sant Tukaram and many abhang written by Sant Tukaram, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Namdev, Sant Eknath, Sant Chokhamela and Sant Janabai.
Pandurang Vitthal android app provides platform to enjoy daily devotional abhang in the morning and it will start your day with lord Vitthal blessings.
This devotional abhang can be saved and shared with friends and family members with many sharing options like whatsapp, facebook etc.
These lord vitthal abhang is the rich source of knowledge to live happy and satisfactory life.

Pandurang Vitthal android app will help you to find nearby lord vitthal temples and other hindu temples with a single click and temples at certain locations which you would like to visit. Take blessings from lord vitthal and other hindu god.

Pandurang Vitthal android app comes up with Dnyaneshwari adhyay in written form also it contains videos of all 18 adhyay of Dnyaneshwari in Marathi language. Along with written content, you can also enjoy lord vitthal haripath , bhaktigeete in Marathi , pasaydan , other Marathi songs and other relevant videos.
There is a section in Pandurang Vitthal app dedicated to prayers ( arati ) of lord Vitthal, lord Ganesh, lord Shiv, godess Durga, Shri Datta, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, Sant Namdev, Sant Eknath and bhajan.

Pandurang Vitthal android app provides list of devotional vitthal bhajan ,
1. Nako Devraya
2. Firatya chakavarati
3. Jay Jay Ramkrishna hari
4. Tuze roop chitti raho
5. Vithu mauli tu
6. Kanada raja pandharicha
7. Tuze roop chitti raho
8. Sundar te dhyan
9. Vrukshavalli amha soyare
10. Aga karunakara
11. Khel mandiyela valavanti ghai

Enjoy these lord Vitthal bhajan from YouTube .

You can see lord vitthal abhang on your android wear ( watch ) as well,
see daily abhang on android wear (watch) and save it to phone from watch itself.

|| Jay Hari Vitthal ||
|| Shri Hari Vitthal ||

|| Vitthal || Vitthal || Vitthal ||

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