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【Finder eBook】

*已有近百家企業、機關、學校透過Finder 擁有自己的數位出版平台、雲端書櫃!


*支援 Twitter、Facebook、Google+等300多種分享工具,傳播超快速


*若在閱讀中因為記憶體不足因素跳出App,請先強制關閉其它App後再執行“Finder eBook”App (iPad 1較易發生)




Three steps to easily create e-books, e-catalogs, e-catalog!
Cloud operating web, app instantly synchronize computers, tablet and other platforms can be synchronized to watch!
The performance within the app hundreds of electronic journals, free to join members toll-free complete show!
Multimedia capabilities to enhance the force of suction eye! Active-benefit analysis to identify potential customer base preferences!
Electronic publications Built cart, direct shopping guide to enhance performance!
Sites, blogs, fan group many network platform can be synchronized propaganda!
Enterprise marketing promotion, organizations Digital Collections choice!
Create one million CTR, you can!

[Finder eBook]
Electronic publications have a strong spread of power and low cost, to e-marketing, expanding online shopping market, identify potential customer base preferences, using Finder, on the right!
Finder electronic publication platform for the 100% bonus on people self-developed electronic publication production, the spread of online platforms! Can easily transpose the electronic catalog (eCatalog), interactive e-books, etc., just do a work, computers, lithography and other platforms can be synchronized to watch! Not only retains the advantages of the entity printed, more convenient by network information sharing and marketing electronic publications! Whether industry business catalogs, product descriptions, campus collection and learning applications, education and training documents, research reports, authorities publications ... and so are a good time to use the platform Finder electronic publications bonus!

[Performance award]
* Internet Award finalists Twelfth Goldfinger (2011)
* Won the Golden Web Award Gold Medal eleventh (2011)
* Thousands of customers have been businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, public interest groups, associations and other public workers love to use!
* There are hundreds of companies, institutions, schools have their own digital publishing platform, cloud bookcase through Finder!
* Caring for the Earth! Finder with customers save more than 2000 pieces of the tree, and continued to increase, and welcome you to join us!

[Program] provided
* With video, multimedia features, you can create interactive multimedia version of the program design ~
* Built-in shopping cart, online catalogs can be directly consumed ~ Business Edition program
* Automatic transpose PDF, text searchable digital zoom without distortion - Collector's Edition program

[Features] (Any scheme has the following features)
* Support for Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc. more than 300 kinds of sharing tools, spread super fast
* Active reading statistics, in addition to analysis to identify potential benefits but also the customer base preferences
* Mobile devices can be downloaded for offline reading
* Support network platform synchronized exposure, websites, blogs, fan groups ... mused applicable
* Easily create, computers, lithography and other platforms can be synchronized to watch

* Click on the use of "i" button on the interface, you can watch the operating instructions

* If in reading because of insufficient memory factor out of the App, please forced to close after the implementation of other App "Finder eBook" App (iPad 1 prone)

For more information, please visit the Finder's official website: http: //

We have been working to improve the stability of the software and provide better service users, if you encounter any problems using the welcome bonus on Finder electronic publication platform ( contact with the customer service staff, we will solve your problem as soon as possible!

[Contact Us]
Tel: + 886-2-8512-1068

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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