PHPConf Taiwan 2014
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歷經三屆的 PHPConf Taiwan ,在每位 PHP 開發者的參與下,主題從 2011 年以 PHP 開發相關工具的介紹來初試啼聲,到 2012 年著重 PHP Framework 的推廣,乃至去年以 PHP 實戰經驗為主的分享,使得我們相信在這三年不斷地挑戰下,各位 PHP 開發者都有很大的成長。
因此今年我們希望讓將議程廣度擴大,挑戰許 多 PHP 開發者平常難以接觸的主題,例如專案管理、 NoSQL 應用與資料庫擴展以及 PHP 網站服務開發心得,讓與會者能得到專案開發與架構上的借鏡。但我們依然會維持過去議程的深度,加入更多 PHP 進階技術,例如官方 PHP 與 Facebook HHVM 兩種引擎在 Extension 上的開發經驗, Framework 的應用技巧等議題。
另外 PHP 應用程式的佈署技術,例如 Microsoft Azure 、 Docker 等更是每一位開發者都應該關心的議題。最後我們還邀請到 PHP 核心中國開發成員 Laruence ,分享他在微博上應用 PHP 的開發經驗。想要更深入瞭解 PHP 進階技術,或是如何掌控大型網站架構的朋友,千萬別錯過這些高手們交流的機會。

After three of PHPConf Taiwan, in every PHP developer participation, theme from the introduction in 2011 to PHP development tools to debut, the 2012 promotion focused PHP Framework, as well as last year's practical experience in PHP-based sharing allows us to continue to believe in these three challenges, the Honourable PHP developer has great potential for growth.
So this year we hope to expand the breadth of the agenda, challenging the subject of many PHP developers usually difficult to reach, such as project management, NoSQL application and database extensions and PHP web services development experience, allowing participants to learn from the project can be obtained on the development and architecture . But we will still maintain the depth of past agendas, adding more PHP Advanced technologies such as PHP and Facebook HHVM official two engines on the Extension of development experience, Framework application techniques and other issues.
Another PHP application deployment technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Docker, etc. is subject every developer should care about. Finally, we also invite China to develop PHP core members Laruence, sharing his experience in the development of PHP applications in the micro-blog. For a more in-depth understanding of PHP Advanced technology, or how to control a large site architecture friends, do not miss the opportunity to communicate these gurus.

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