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Chinese characters (Hanzi) are composed of components.
Examples are:
妈 consists on the left of 女 and on the right of 马.
男 consists on top of 田 and at the bottom of 力.
间 consists outside of 门 and inside of 日.
Some of the components indicate the meaning, others the phonetics of the character.
More than 14,000 Hanzi have been decomposed into their components. Almost 700 components have been identified, including the 214 traditional radicals (some of them in multiple forms).
Each component of a Hanzi includes spacial information (whether it is located at the top, bottom, left, right, inside or outside).
This App allows to explore the composition of Hanzi. The compositon of a Hanzi can be displayed and Hanzi containing a given component can be identified.
For each component information about the phonetics will be displayed if a majority of the Pinyins of Hanzi containing the component reaches a threshold that can be selected.
Entry points to the App are Pinyin, the number of strokes or an English word (all entered via the keyboard). Alternatively, a character can be drawn.
The results are sorted by frequency of occurrence of the Hanzi.
The App does not require network traffic. All data are local in a database.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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