Fresh Water Fishing Fish
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Freshwater ornamental fish is a kind of ornamental fish whose natural habitat is in fresh water. The purpose of maintenance of freshwater ornamental fish there are two that is for entertainment and for profit.
Freshwater ornamental fish kept for entertainment are usually kept in aquariums. As for profit, it is usually kept in the pond.
Freshwater ornamental fish are more easily cultivated than marine ornamental fish. This is because, the technology used is quite simple and the cost is cheaper. So much of the cultivation is done in the scale of home-based business.
In contrast to marine ornamental fish that require better facilities and technology, as well as large capital. Here are some types of freshwater ornamental fish commonly cultivated.
Development of freshwater ornamental fish market
Globally trade in freshwater ornamental fish commodities is much larger than marine ornamental fish. Its market share reaches 85%. This happens because most freshwater ornamental fish can be cultivated, while marine ornamental fish more than the catch. The increasing demand for freshwater ornamental fish continues
Increased. Probably because the price is relatively cheaper than marine ornamental fish.
In the past few decades, Indonesia only exported ornamental fish to Singapore. From Singapore these fish are exported again to various countries. But now, our exports have penetrated 60 countries with a value of more than 50 million US dollars and an increase of about 9% per year. Indonesia has always been the top 5 world ornamental fish exporters.
In terms of diversity there are more than 300 species of freshwater ornamental fish or marine which became the mainstay of exports. Usually exportable ornamental fish is selected based on six criteria, namely size, type, uniformity, uniqueness of shape and color, disease-free, and adaptability.
Types of freshwater ornamental fish that can be cultivated at home as follows:
Fish arowana super red
Discus fish
Arowana golden red
Freshwater aquarium
Fish arowana golden red
Arowana super red
Fish aquarium
Aquarium seawater
Ornamental tank
Sea water fish
Type of aquarium
Selling freshwater aquarium
Oscar fish
Arowana golden pino
Name of freshwater fish
Arowana silver
Arowana red
Ornamental fish mini aquarium
Essen goldfish
Red arowana
Super red arowana
Freshwater fish aquarium
Filter koi fish pond
Golden red arowana
Aquarium trimmings
Angelfish fish
Name of sea fish
Fish lohan
Guppy fish
parrot fish
Name of sea water fish
Fish aquarium freshwater aquarium
The names of the fish
The most expensive fish in the world
Mini ornamental tank
Name of the fish
Mas chef
Fish in the water
Name of the fish
Catfish price per kilo
Grilled pomfret
Beautiful aquarium
Name of freshwater fish
Name of the sea fish
Mini aquarium trimmings
Latin name of carp
Suppliers of freshwater fish
How to cultivate the goldfish
Arowana gold
Freshwater aquarium ornaments
Expensive fish
Latin name of koi fish
Decoration name
Fish memphis
Photo of the chef fish
Freshwater museum
Koi fish indonesia
Type of freshwater fish in malaysia
Name of sea water fish
Name of freshwater fish latin

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