The word pearl of Islam
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The word pearl islam is the application of a collection of words Islamic motivation islam Islamic heart is a very beautiful religion. Islam also teaches goodness. Islam teaches compassion for all humanity. In the words of pearls of Islamic love many things are taught to be taken wisdom. From there, many things can be used as a guide of life. The word Islamic Pearl and Love in Islam are not always related to the relationship between men and women. In fact, Islam even prohibits a relationship between men and women who are not muhrim. It is unlawful in Islam. Love in Islam is something that has a very wide scope, can be a form of mutual love among fellow living beings, love the environment, or even love yourself without being impressed arrogant or selfish.

The word pearls of Islam and Religion are the pillars of life, in which man finds answers to all his problems. This is what makes the existence of religion more valuable. One of the largest religions with followers in Indonesia is Islam, more than seventy percent of Indonesians are Muslims. The word Islamic Pearls That's why many Islamic articles are hunted in cyberspace, one of which is the Word of Pearls of Islam.

The word Islamic pearl is usually a collection of quotes from famous Islamic figures about Islamic life. But not infrequently made by an anonymous source with regard to his own problem, with the intention of sharing experiences with others. Just like the other pearls, it's just that in the Islamic Pearl Words the rules used are Islamic principles so it may be only intended for the followers of Islam. As more and more media publishes the words of the Pearl of Islam, it makes us a media that always tries to understand the desires of readers, to do the same.

When discussing about love, it will not be endless. Love is always synonymous with caring and caring. Likewise with loving Islam, its form is also a sense of concern and affection for Islam, of course with a variety of ways, where one way to love Islam is the word pearls of Islam loves God by surrendering to Him. Here, an Islamic love pearl can be interpreted as a word that can give encouragement to Muslims to love Islam more. These words mostly contain the meaning of meaning that makes Islam the most perfect religion, worthy of adoption, the perfect Islamic pearl word to be studied in earnest.

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