Modern Wood Balcony Design
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The style of the contemporary house could be enhanced by using stainless steel railing. The design of today's modern look uses a lot of chrome in it. A modern living room area styled with chrome and white furniture will work well with a stainless railing as the balcony rail. There are a lot more materials incorporated in the construction of stairs and railings today than there ever used to be.

You can also choose a lot of variations on the type of stair spindles you use for the staircase. You can choose metal panels with elaborate designs or traditional wood spindles. The spindles made of wood can be turned on a lathe to create a lot of interesting shapes. The advantage to using a wood staircase with spindles is that you can replace the spindles without needing to replace the entire staircase. The job is one that can be done by any homeowner.

The styles of railings aren't just used for the interior of a home. There are lots of exterior areas where you can incorporate the design of a railing such as an outside porch or balcony. If your home has an upper level with an attached porch or deck, the railing adds security as it adds to the appeal of the home. Using a black rail against the backdrop of a white house can create an old fashioned look. You can browse through the styles of railings and staircases on some Internet sites to get an idea of what would work best for your home.

For people who have large balconies, this may be inevitable to raise a sort of internal partitioning with the help of an ornamental trellis. Partitioning can be done for so many reasons depending upon the usage of the balcony. Some people use this partitioning to enhance the privacy levels and other want it just to create a more warm and personal atmosphere. Whenever you decide to raise the partition in your large balcony, the options before you are numerous. The scope and range of trellis and screens are very vast these days, you can opt for side shelter, back wall cover up or internal screens.

Some trellises used for partitioning usually contain two layers to give maximum protection and the other incorporate windows through which you can appreciate a view. Trellises are really helpful and can easily be adapted to any shape and size. These can be arranged vertically horizontally and with odd spaces. If you combine one or two different types, this will give your balcony a very attractive look. Besides this, using a delicate patchwork will give you charming striped shadows. If you are more into classical themes, you can opt for the designs like a medieval scalloped profile, Georgian formality or ornamental posts and finials and the columns and arches of Greek temple.

Timber Screens

For landscapers and architectural designers, the use of timber is really very interesting. They not only work on classical themes but also create some new attractive designs out of timber. Timber is considered to be flexible as you can give it any shape or size according to your requirement. You can build a timber screen of any height of or width keeping in view the space available in your balcony. Like any other metal, you can give a fine finish to timber with paint and varnish to give it a shiny smooth look. The most traditional wood shades, such as rich red, dark or honey brown can be used to stain and varnish the timber. Even you can give your timber a more up to date appearance in the form of new pastel shaded stains. Dramatic effect can be achieved by staining your timber a strong Chinese red, deep blue or smart dark green. Remember, timber is something that can be as delicate or as striking as you want it to be. You can achieve a natural soft look by installing willow hurdles, reed or bamboo screens available in sections to your timber frames. They are best to achieve modern or oriental scheme in your balcony.

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