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When choosing a fence many people tend to go for the traditional materials such as wood or metal, but by taking a look at some of the options it is possible to get a fence that is a highly secure and also gives a decorative element as well. One of the options often not considered is wire fencing, because many people believe it is attractive. However if it is done in the right way it can give a great level of security and also look good.

As far as security is concerned, you really cannot get better than wire fencing, because it can be installed much higher than most other types of fencing material. Having a wire fence that is 6 feet tall or above will deter most intruders, and you can almost guarantee that no one will try to scale a fence of that size. It is even possible to have a fence up to 10 feet high, though in most cases it is not needed.

The main consideration you need to make is whether you will use plastic wire or metal wire, since this will determine how strong the wire actually its. Plastic wire does have the advantage that it is very easy to maintain, since it will not rust, something that can be concerns with security since it can be easier to cut through. On the other hand, metal wire is highly secure, especially if you use a thick gauge wire, but you do have problems with rust and so this needs to be considered. However it is possible to use metal wire that has been coated with plastic which does give you the best of both worlds in some cases.

When it comes to the looks of a wire fence, it is possible to choose one which has a really good design and can take away from some of the imposing look. But one of the best ways to do this is to simply plant vegetation in front of the fence, or allow creepers such as ivy to populate the fence itself. In effect this will turn the fence into a wall of vegetation which would look absolutely in tune with the natural environment and yet give you an extremely high level of security.

By keeping these points in mind you will be able to see that a wire fence is not only an attractive high-security option, but can also fit in well with the natural environment if it is installed properly.

Wire fencing is not uncommon and is utilized in various ways. Since there are many styles of fence made out of wire it can be difficult to know which type would be best for you. You may already know all of these types of wire fencing but you may not know all their uses.

Chicken wire is probably the most common type of fence that is made of wire. This is used to keep the chickens safe while they are in their runs. This will keep out any animal that wants to harm or eat the chickens. Strong chicken wire will work well to keep these animals out of the coops as well. You can also use this to keep small rodents out of a garden so that your plants will be safe from being eaten.

Chicken wire is so diverse that it can even be used in the home for repairs. You can use it to fill cracks in the walls. You will take the chicken wire and fill the crack with it. Then you will use filler to cover the crack and the chicken wire. The filler will adhere and stay so that the crack will be patched when the filler is dry.

Barbed wire is known by many as well. This type of fencing is used to corral herds of animals on properties that span over hundreds of acres. This is usually horses or cows and the owners of these farms will use the wire to make sure they do not lose their livestock. Barbed wire can also aid in marking territories.

Many may also use this to stop humans from entering areas that are restricted. Barbed wire can be found at the top of many fences that are trying to keep their equipment from being stolen. A type of wire that is even more of a deterrent is razor wire. Many correctional institutions will use razor wire because it will cut a person more severely than barbed wire would.

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