Fountain Design Ideas
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Are you searching for a way to spruce up your garden or outside area? Than you need to know about the latest trends for water feature and garden fountain design ideas. Either of these two options can add a level of sophistication to your home.

Some people may believe that having a water feature in homes is obnoxious. In some cases, if you do not do it in a tasteful way, it can be. Which is why it is important to understand which designs for both water features and garden fountains are currently on trend. Here are 5 ideas that you should consider if you want to make a splash with your outside areas:

1. Three tier outdoor fountain: this is a great addition to a smaller cosier patio which is surrounded by foliage. You can transport your home into an Italian countryside by simply adding this water feature. Choose rustic colours and marble to really give it a sophisticated edge.

2. A beautiful backdrop: if you already have an old classic fountain situated in your garden than it may need some TLC. You can achieve this by using mosaic and bright colours for its backdrop. It is the perfect addition to a small semi-circular fountain.

3. Asian influence: water features are influenced by a number of different cultures. If you need some Zen in your life than a concrete Asian inspired fountain is ideal for you. Use it in a stone lined area and let the soothing sounds of the water flow through you as you sit out on your patio at night.

4. Table top fountain: a new trend that is taking over is having smaller water features placed around the home. One of the most popular designs is that of the table top fountain that is full of character. These table top fountains are small and quaint and can fit perfectly onto any size table, indoors or out. It is a great conversation starter at the next party you host.

5. Classic statue: although it is a classic, this type of fountain is still extremely popular. Whether you are looking for a Greek or Victorian style statue it can certainly add that extra level of sophistication to your home. This fountain should be placed in an area that is highly visible. It will be the showstopper as people walk around your home, while providing you with beautiful sounds of the trickling water.

No matter what type of style you are going for you are bound to find a solution that works for you. It is important to take into consideration the area that you are working with. Once you know the dimensions as well as how close the water line is, you will be able to go shopping and find the perfect water feature for your garden.

In the ancient ruins of Pompeii which have been uncovered after centuries of lying under the mountain of lava and ash dumped on them by the volcano Vesuvius, archeologists have discovered a number of fountains. Although those living in Pompeii at the time of the disaster weren't knowledgeable enough to know that the lead pipes feeding their water supplies were dangerous, they still knew how to build systems which siphoned water from under the streets into fountains on the surface so that it could be used by the town's citizens. Even way back then, water fountains were designed in many different ways. Some were highly ornamental and others were simple basins, but they all were functional to meet the needs of the people.

Modern fountains are designed in many unique ways, too. There are huge, beautiful ones gracing castles, mansions, and public gardens, and there are fountains so small that people put them in their back yards or even inside of their homes. Water fountains are truly functional as well as just being beautiful though. We don't use them as our primary water source the way the ancient Greeks and Romans did, but they still serve a number of functions. For instance, there are many different water fountain designs that are being made to provide water features inside our homes. The running water can provide a very soothing atmosphere in which people can relax away the stress of the world.

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