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Whatever your home decor style is, flower arrangements can enhance it. There are various kinds of arrangements
that can suit your interior decor, be it country, tropical, contemporary, english or oriental.

Let's look at how to match flower arrangements to your home interior design.


Contemporary design focuses on light and space. This is a good point to remember. To create contemporary design in your home, always emphasize on these two factors.

Balance between natural colours and bright colours are usually associated with this design. And, the shapes in a contemporary design is defined.

Flower arrangements to match this design is the easiest to work with. Apart from flowers, plants can be used to enhance the design, too.


English design accents are like printed floral fabrics and wooden flooring and furniture. When you enter an English-styled room, you can feel a sense of romance.

Which is why romantic flowers are suitable for this design. Flowers like roses, hydrangeas, gardenias, tulips are suitable for this design. On the other hand, I think greeneries or plants are not suitable.


Decorating a country-styled home with flowers is rather easy. Country homes must be associated with wooden furniture and earthen colours.

For country homes, dried flowers wreaths and arrangements are best. In the kitchen, you can also decorate with fresh sunflowers or dried vegetables.

Arrangements in wicker baskets are also suitable for country style. The guide to decorating a country home is to use flower arrangement with 'fresh from the garden' look.

With that, you could not go wrong.


Tropical inspired homes are very famous in the Asian region. Exotic wood and teak furniture are elements of a tropical home. Not much colours are involved and usually the home has an outdoor feeling and very airy.

To match this style, use tropical flowers like orchids, proteas, heliconias and birds of paradise. These flowers will certainly complete your tropical home with elegance.

Using plants and greeneries also help. Oil palm trees and ferns are good choices.


Oriental homes are either Japanese or Chinese inspired. Japanese home accents are like tatami mats and bamboo sliding doors. Ikebana arrangements is most suitable for Japanese style homes.

For Chinese styled homes, there are usually heavy carvings in the furniture. Rosewood is most commonly used in their furniture. Bonsai plants will complete your Chinese styled homes.

Well, you've gone to a lot of effort and expense to produce a beautiful garden. Of course, your garden is outside and you live inside. Passers-by and your neighbors probably benefit almost as much as you do. So to extend the benefits of your work, you just need to bring some of that beauty indoors.

Have you ever been intimidated by the thought of putting together a flower arrangement? Well, arranging flowers is not that difficult with a little guidance and some great ideas! Displaying your own flowers can be fun especially when being creative in stylish but simple ways.

The first thing to start with is selecting some basic household containers for your fresh cut flowers. Remember, you are not limited to the typical glass vase. Be creative and think outside the box or, in this case, the glass vase. Start to look around you. Grandmother's old water pitcher can make a great country look or use a sterling silver pitcher for a more traditional look.

How about a simple candle votive holders with a single flower in it at each place setting at your dinner party? Now that will add a real touch of elegance. Even old cans and bottles can be quite nostalgic as well as useful. There is no limit on ideas that don't require the expense of buying a vase. Choosing flowers with large heads like lilies, orchids or sunflowers individually put in a container when all lined up is quite dramatic and very stylish.

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