Remember Life after Death-Urdu
Abdul Ahad
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Hadith 1: wise person is the one who quiet down his nafs and did work for after death(benefit him after he died) الكئس من دانَ نفسه عمل لما بعد موت
Hadith2: death is the destroyer of all the fun (to heedless) اكثروا من ذكرها دم اللذات

Hadith 3:any one who remembers death twenty times daily will attain status of a martyr

Hadith 4: Death is an enough advice for any personكفى بالموت واعظاً

Hadith5: Once the companions were saying good things about someone who was not present at that moment. Prophet (SAS) asked; “how is the issue of death in that persons heart?” the companions (RA) replied we have never heard him talking about death. Prophet (SAS) said; “then he is not as good as you are describing him”.

Hadith 6: Ibn omar (RA) said with ten other companions we went to visit prophet (SAS). One Ansari asked “who is the smartest and most (karim) among people”? Prophet (SAS) replied; the one who remembers death the most and is actively preparating for akhirah(hearafter). They are the smart ones, they will gain grace in this dunya and honor in akhirah”.

Hadith7: prophet (SAS) was passing by a gathering who was laughing loudly. He (SAS) said to them; “beautify your gathering with the remembrance of death. it is destroyer of all pleasures”.

Hadith #8: prophet (SAS) said “remember death a lot, it will make you zahid(an ascetic) and will be a means of atonement for your sins”

Taken from Imam Gazali Book (Keemiya-e-Saa'dat )

Remember Your Life after Death (in Urdu Language)
Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakhrwi Mudadhillah

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