Relations man and woman
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Hello! You want to get on with her man, or a woman? You want to manipulate your partner? You want to communicate with all people, and not to quarrel? If yes, then we are pleased to present you this excellent book. In this book, we will discuss with you, every step of the relationship, including the formation of an individual's fundamental nature. This book, one of the most useful and interesting books that you may encounter. Very understandable explanation! Easy to understand book.

Book: The relationship of man and woman
Book's contents:

Rules for advanced relations
The ideal relationship
Relationships actual and expected
Jealousy and love
The idealization of the love and the joy of love
Conscious communication in conflict situations
Are we to love?
Loyalty, betrayal and open relationship
own feelings of lovers
Choosing a partner, the choice of life
About happiness in relationships and hobbies
Conflict can not agree
Favorite songs ego
offended useless
How to become smarter
The domination and humiliation majestic nothingness
Self-esteem and self-affirmation
"Face Unlock" in dealing with people
The struggle for power among relatives: requests, orders, obedience and disobedience
Insolence and self-doubt
Trust and intimacy
Condemnation - condemning the verdict
Opinions and gusts
The reaction to the film during intercourse
Methods of Conflict Resolution
Feelings of guilt, shame and conscience
Acceptance, sensitivity and finesse
The essence of the dispute: the controversy, the arguments and facts
Meaning of clothing when dealing with people
Reputation and truthfulness

The results after reading:

How quickly seduce a person (girl - boy Man)
Feasibility of manipulative influence.
Techniques and methods for manipulating people
Forbidden techniques to manipulate people
Sophisticated methods of manipulation
How not to respond to provocations
How to provoke the person (s)
How to please men (men - women)
How to show their best side
How to become a cunning
Best book for those who want to become a millionaire!
5 books that will teach you how to manipulate people

1. Dale Carnegie - "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
The most famous book by Dale Carnegie, which for the past ten years, the number in the list of best-selling newspaper «The New York Times». It is a collection of practical tips and life stories. Taught to believe in their own strength, it helps to get rid of complexes by mastering the art of communication. It is also a practical guide for the acquisition of skills and oratorical mastery of psychological principles of communication between people.

2. Vadim Shlahter Sergei hollnich - "Art to dominate"
Technology and techniques of manipulation has always been a secret and extremely powerful weapon power. Today, in connection with the development of mass communications and information role of these techniques in the life of a single person and society as a whole has increased. About them a book and says, "Art to dominate." And not just telling, since it is an attempt not only to describe the most important mental manipulation techniques, but also to transfer the skills they use to anyone with all the attention to read this book seriously and decides to follow the recommendations set out therein.

5. Sigmund Freud - "The Psychology of the masses and the Analysis of the Ego"
In this edition of the "father of psychoanalysis" explains the different social phenomena - the relationship with their parents, brothers and sisters, with his second half, friends and colleagues. Disclose the cause of various phenomena of narcissism and helps deal with the subconscious. And also reveals basic aspects of the behavior of the crowd - where the masses of the need for the leader, why the leader influences the behavior of the crowd, what is the basis of prestige.

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