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Salad is a healthy food menu that we will usually encounter in various restaurants that sell typical food from abroad.salad also Called as a healthy food menu because the whole ingredients used consisted of various vegetables or fruits that are then doused with special sauce .

This food is great for everyone to eat, especially those with a poor medical history or overweight. Fruit salad is one of the choices of food menu that you should try.
Fruit salad recipes healthy, fresh, and slimming. Diet is a healthy way to either lower or increase weight by dieting methods. So, diet is not always a matter of slimming. Diets with dietary settings do not make you should not eat. You just have to keep eating because the body needs nutrients. It's just that, the source of nutrients in the diet there are replaced, increased, or reduced. Salad can also To reduce weight, the amount of fiber to nourish the body must be added Fiber will help the body full longer and digestion. Fiber food ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. In addition to rich in fiber, both foods also contain vitamins and minerals, and low in fat.

Unfortunately, many want to slim down in a healthy way but do not like fruits or vegetables. Therefore, the processing of fruits and vegetables must be varied so that it tastes better and makes you who do not like it can be more taste to enjoy it. Salad, menu creation process vegetables and fresh fruits mixed with other food ingredients either cut chicken or Boiled shrimp and then given a dressing like olive oil, cheese, mayonnaise, lemon juice, yogurt, or sweetened condensed milk that can arouse your appetite. However, in salads remain vegetables or fruits that become the dominance of the ingredients. At the time of presentation freshness must be maintained. Here is a fruit salad recipe. Healthy recipes fruit salad is perfect for you who are dieting lose weight. However, as a salad, a sweet and fresh fruit salad can also be an appetizer.

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