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The Choice Donut Recipe application is the best apple recipe donut apple for you to make at home. Donuts (donuts or donuts) are fried snacks made from flour, sugar, egg and butter dough. The most common donuts are ring-shaped donuts with a hole in the middle and round donuts with sweetish contents, such as various types of jam, jelly, cream, and custard. Donut Donat dishes are completely different from bagels, from dough ingredients, manufacturing techniques To how to serve, although the Donuts Recipe both have almost the same shape.

Donuts have their own characteristic that is round and has a hole in the middle of a ring-shaped glance. Donuts Cakes (donuts or donuts) are recipes of food donuts made from flour dough, sugar, eggs and butter cooked by frying. This one food much favored by many people including children.

Donut recipes are generally flour-based, but now there are also other variations by adding potatoes to the dough so that the donut texture is softer. These donut cakes can be sprinkled or toppings of various kinds such as, chocolate topping, meisis, sprinkles of white sugar, peanut butter, cheese and other toppings.

Donut recipes can be formed by joining both sides of the dough in a rectangular shape to form a ring or using an automatic cutter that also makes a hole in the center of the donut dough. The hole in the donut-shaped ring was originally intended to make the donut quickly fried while fried. Recipe Donuts Recipes Donuts Donuts are left while making donut-shaped rings often sold as donut holes or mixed again into the dough to make new donuts.

Donuts Donuts The Donut Recipe consists of two types, Donuts Recipe Donuts that are awakened with yeast such as bread dough, and thick Donuts Recipe dough like cake batter. Donuts from flour dough using yeast are usually 25% fat content of donut weight, while Donut Recipe Donut cake contains 20% fat content.

Once cooked, Donuts Donut surface recipe can be decorated with a sprinkling of icing sugar or refined sugar mixed with cinnamon powder, recipe Donut dipped glaze in the form of a mixture of honey and sugar, sprinkled with liquid chocolate and sprinkled with colorful grains of brown on top. Jam, jelly or custard donuts are injected with a syringe. The donuts are very closely related to American culture as well as hamburgers. In North America to create a Donere Recipe stereotype police patrol as a donut eater. Donut outlets are often open all night and police often visit donut outlets that provide donuts and free coffee

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