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Japanese cuisine has earned its own place in the heart of the world. The taste is different from the others, giving freshness from fresh ingredients enough to make culinary enthusiasts addicted to Japanese cuisine.
Japanese cuisine and food do not always have to be "foods that have been eaten by Japanese for generations." Japanese food varies according to age, social level, and area of ​​residence. How to cook Japanese cuisine borrows a lot of cooking from countries of East Asia and Western countries.
In a narrow sense, Japanese cuisine refers to a variety of typical Japanese foods. Food that has been long and hereditary eaten by Japanese, but not typical Japanese can not be called Japanese food. Foods such as gyudon or nikujaga are examples of Japanese food because they use typical Japanese spices such as shōyu, dashi and mirin. Meals that contain beef are often considered not Japanese cuisine because of new meat eating habits started since the Meiji Restoration about 130 years ago.
Nihon Shoki is the classic literature that contains the oldest history of Japanese cuisine. It tells the story of the Takahashi clan's ancestors. The food he served was a skipjack's tasasu and shellfish (hamaguri) marinated with vinegar. The special dish he made for the Emperor who was visiting the Awa Province when he was sad.
The Japanese started eating rice since Jomon time. Side dishes such as boiled food (nimono), baked, or steamed. How to process food with frying began to be known since the time of Asuka, and originated from the Korean Peninsula and China. Tea and monk cuisine were introduced in Japan along with the entry of Buddhism, but only developed among temples. Monk food is a vegetarian dish called shōjin ryōri. Pets and wild animals such as monkeys are forbidden to feed. In the classic Engishiki literature is also told about the fermented fish called narezushi which is used as an offering in western Japan. Japan has a variety of recipes such as the following:
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