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Noodle Special Recipes Applications Mie is an application that contains a collection of processed recipes whose basic ingredients are made of noodles. Noodles is the name of food that is familiar to our ears. Maybe everyone already knows him because noodles are widespread throughout the world. The name of this food is not strange, but whether it ever crossed your mind to make the processed noodles themselves. This time we will present recipes about the process of making processed egg noodles themselves more healthy, soft and chewy.

Making your own egg noodles will taste better and tastier when cooked, because the process of making very careful without using chemicals or preservatives so that homemade egg noodles are more feasible to eat because it is quality and healthier to eat.

Based on the way of processing the noodle recipe can be grouped into 4 kinds:
1. Raw noodles / fresh noodles
Raw noodles or fresh noodles are noodles that do not experience any additional process after cutting with moisture content of 35%. Fresh noodles are generally made from hard type wheat flour for easy handling. This type of noodles are usually used for raw materials in making chicken noodles.

2. Wet Noodles
Wet noodles are noodles that have boiling water boiling process after cutting stage and before marketed. The water content can reach 52% so the power is relatively short (40 hours at room temperature). In Indonesia, wet noodles are better known as yellow noodles or meatball noodles.

3. Dry noodles
Dry noodle is raw noodle that dried with water content between 8 - 10%. Drying is generally done by drying in the sun or by using the oven. Due to the dry nature of this then the noodle has a relatively long storage and in handling quite easily. Dry noodles are also added with fresh egg or egg flour, so this noodle market is also known as egg noodles.

4. Instant Noodles
Instant noodle is a noodle that has undergone gelatinization process, so to serve it enough by boiling with boiling water, instant noodles usually refers to steamed and fried products in oil.
Instant noodles are also known as ramen. This noodle is made with the addition of some process after becoming fresh noodle. Those stages are steaming, forming and drying.

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