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Application of Nasi Goreng Choice Recipe is a collection of fried rice recipes from the best and most popular Indonesian archipelago and fried rice is a food in the form of rice fried and stirred in cooking oil or margarine, usually plus sweet soy sauce, onion, garlic, tamarind, Pepper and other spices, such as eggs, chicken, and crackers. There are also other types of fried rice recipes made with salted fish that are also popular throughout Indonesia.

Recipes Nasi goreng is also known as Indonesian national cuisine. [One] Of the many dishes in Indonesian cuisine treasures, only a few can be considered true national food. This national cuisine of Indonesia does not recognize social class restrictions. Recipes Nasi goreng can be enjoyed simply at the curb stalls, carts peddlers around, to the restaurant and buffet table in the party. [Two]

A list of some of the menu available in the application of fried rice recipe;

Recipe Fried fish fried rice: Using salted fish, one of the famous variations in Indonesia.
Recipe Nasi goreng Jawa: recipe Nasi goreng is usually flavored with sambal ulek which makes it taste spicy. Example of Javanese fried rice recipe is recipe fried rice Semat Semarang which color is rather chocolate with side dish, recipe Central Java fried rice with pink colorful side dish of cabbage and suwiran ayam kampung, recipe fried rice Surabaya color red brown with side dish of slice omelet And suwiran chicken pieces and recipe recipe fried rice village from Yogyakarta with dark red color with side dish of beef and chicken egg chicken.
Recipe Goat fried rice: Using goat meat that has a distinctive aroma.
Recipe Nasi goreng pete: Using a banana as a mixture, a favorite group of banana users because of its aroma.
Recipe Fried rice pattaya (Thai origin): recipe Nasi goreng is wrapped with omelet.
Recipe White fried rice: recipe This fried rice uses soy sauce as a marinade so the color is still whitish.
Recipe Fukien fried rice (or Fujian): (not from Fujian) is fried rice from Cantonese area, usually served with sauce on it.
Singapore Fried Rice: Not from Singapore, this is a dish from Cantonese area with yellow curry spice.

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