150 Recipes Soto Nusantara
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Soto, sroto, or Coto Recipe Soto is a typical Indonesian food made from meat and vegetable broth.
The most commonly used meat is beef and chicken. Various regions in Indonesia have this kind of soup itself, the content of which is different, for example Recipes Soto Soto Kediri, soto Madura, Soto Lamongan, soto Jepara, soto Betawi, soto Padang, soto Bandung, soto Sokaraja, soto Banjar, soto Medan, Coto Makassar. Since there are several types of prescription Soto in Indonesia, each has a way of presenting different from Soto Recipes. Soup can be served with a variety of side dishes, such as crackers, cakes, melinjo, chili sauce, bean sauce, and others. And also it is with other additives such as boiled eggs satay, skewers shells, lime, Koya etc.

Most recipes Soto separately served with rice, such as Betawi Soto, Soto Padang, and others. However, there also are served with rice or soup mixed with rice, for example Soto Kudus. In addition Soto Nusantara 150 Recipes, Recipes Soto presents also served with rice cake soup, for example Example Soto Makassar. Then, Recipe Soto Nusantara also wear a noodle, and instead of rice as the principal menu, for example Soto Mie Bogor If you are interested to set up a soup dish, then this free app Soto recipes will help you make it happen.

Soto Ayam almost the same recipe with chicken soup. Recipes usually Sotoa contents yam noodles served with glass noodles, bean sprouts, cabbage, sliced ​​chicken eggs, chicken, and with a distinctive flavor of turmeric so as to obtain a delicious flavor and steady. Some time ago recipe these days has also been posted recipes soto Betawi pembuatanya manner similar to the yellow spice chicken recipe Soto.

Soto is a food that exists in every region in our beloved country. Taste and appearance of chicken soup in each region are also very different. But basically the material and also how to make chicken soup is the same. There are only supplementary materials and also how to cook a little different so that the chicken soup of many kinds. And if you're interested in learning how to make chicken soup savory and delicious soup recipes you can try.
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