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Throughout the world, Chinese martial arts are long-familiar and well respected. China is a groundbreaker to martial arts, founding many excellent styles. Although Kung Fu is the most well known Chinese martial art, there are others that are simply as good. We'll look at some of the additional Chinese martial arts that aren’t as well known as Kung Fu.

This is actually one of the internal styles of Kung Fu, really closely in relation to Tai Chi. It teaches pupils to subordinate their bodies, creating potent movements with a very little expense of energy. HSING-I isn’t well known, although it's really powerful and well known throughout China. The U.S. and other areas aren’t that familiar with it, with little to no schools or dojo’s out there that teach it.

Tai Chi
To those who live outside of China, Tai Chi resembles more of a dance. The slow and relaxed movements it teaches are balanced and exact, performed while the stylist is in a deep state of relaxation. While in this rich state of relaxation, the stylist will be totally aware of what he's doing and his movements, although he will appear to those around him to be asleep.

Chinese martial arts
Even though Kung Fu is the best martial art in China, there are numerous different forms and styles that originate from it. There is the Shaolin style as well, which offers numerous different styles of Kung Fu as well, including the world famous “5 animals system”. The five animals system is one of the most popular in China and long-familiar around the world for their devastating strategies and amazing power when utilized in combat.

Along with Kung Fu, both HSING-I and Tai Chi are great martial arts that assist with endurance training and flexibility. A lot of Kung Fu pupils in China choose to study one of these arts too, as it helps to add to their physical and emotional power. Pupils who study Tai Chi or HSING-I as well as Kung Fu, have a higher state of endurance and spirituality that simply can't be matched.

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