Mohammed Aarif Waghoo
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Mufti Aqib Kharbe is a gifted scholar residing in Maharashtra, India. He completed Takhassus from the world-renowned Al-Saqaafat-us-Sunniyah, Kerela, India in 2005 and advanced Islamic studies from Jame Al- Azhar, Cairo Egypt.


A parasol of I'lm against the scorch of baseless accusations of Shrik
Allah, in His name, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful​

Expounding the critical subjects of Shirk and Tawheed, subjects which the wahhabis have greatly obfuscated by their self-righteous interpretations fraught with flagrant casuistry, this book is primarily a response to the allegations leveled against the Ahlussunnah by a bunch of wahhabis affiliated to the Jamiat-e-Ahl-e-Hadith of India. It is a systematic and point-wise rebuttal of their deceptive tirades, quibbles and pseudo-scholastic arguments, in the light of the Quran, Ahadith, Ijma-e-Ummat, quotations from the luminaries of Ahlussunnah and finally the statements of the very scholars dearest to them, including their ‘Shaykh-ul-Islam’ Ibn-Taymiyyah, his students Ibn-Qayyim and Ibn-Kathir, one of the pioneering wahhabis of the Indian subcontinent, namely, Abdurrahman Mubarakpuri et al. The author has also taken to task the ‘Muhaddith-al-Asr’ of the wahhabis for his fictile and unprincipled approach to hadith gradation: authenticating those that confirm his dogmas and weakening or explaining away those that do not!

Contents in brief:
1) Misapplication of verses condemning idolatory : An exposition.
2) Incongruity between the creeds of the pagan Arabs and the Ahlussunnah .
3) Contradistinction between reverence (Ta'zeem) and worship (I'badah).
4) Explanation of the isthmus life (Barzakh).
5) Capabilities of the spirit (Ruh').
6) The dead DO hear.
7) Licitness of Istagatha, Istia'nat and Tawassul and a critique (radd) of Al-Albani.
8) The vertigo of Asbaab (means).

Talib e Dua

Mohammed Aarif Waghoo
Qadri Razavi Ziaee

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