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አዳዲስ የወጡና ገበያ ላይ ያሉ ተወዳጅ መፅሐፍትን በዚህ የሞባይል መተግበሪያ ላይ ያገኟቸዋል፡፡
ስለመፅሐፍቱ ዝርዝር መረጃዎች አሰናድተን እናቀርብሎታለን፡፡

›› የመፅሐፉ ሽፋን ፎቶግራፍ፣
›› የደራሲው/ የጸሃፊው/ የተርጓሚው ስም፣
›› የታሪኩ ጅማሮ ወይም ከውስጥ ገፅ የተወሰደ ጽሑፍ፣
›› የገፅ ብዛት እና መሸጫ ዋጋ...

በተጨማሪም ሌሎች አገልግሎቶችን በተከታታይ በሞባይል መተግበርያው ለይ አያከልን እናቀርብሎታለን፡፡

This book app keeps track of new and classic local/Ethiopian books for readers.

* Follow new published books
* See details about the books like writer, publisher, pages, price etc.
* See the book cover
* above all you are privileged to read the first pages of books in our book collection

* It has offline feature. Once updated you can preview the books anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy it and give us your comments and rates. We are working hard to come with even more features and book collections


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Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 3.2 and up

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