Mutant Mod for Minecraft
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Mutant creatures is an unordinary mod adding new mobs to the game such as mutants, on killing which you can obtain curious items.
This mod will be suitable for those who consider original game monsters too weak and ordinary. It will add some new stronger rivals to the game which represent the mutated prototypes of the game monsters.
Mutants of Mutant Creatures mod possess certain skills that make them even more dangerous.
Download and install this mod, and you will surely cease to have quiet nights.

The following monsters shall be added to the game by Mutant Creatures:
1) Mutant zombie is several times bigger than the principal one, his strikes being much stronger
2) Mutant creeper now resembles a spider with 4 claws allowing it to move with incredible speed and jump high.
3) Mutant Enderman is bigger and stronger than the original one.
4) Mutant Snow Golem.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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