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<Alilin 臺灣原住民族電子書城> 蒐羅業經各族編輯委員審訂的臺灣原住民族族語言教材提供學童到成人皆可數位學習、快樂應用,以實用性、多樣性、生活化、趣味化的內容為原則,廣內傳統與現代的故事、文章、歌詞等多元內容。

◆ 字母篇:包含各族族語的字母發音與單詞發音練習與書寫符號介紹,是族語初學者的最佳入門。
◆ 生活會話篇:每一個方言依據場景、事件內容,提供逐句發音的練習,並有該句的重點單詞介紹。多加練習後,可應用於日常生活中。
◆ 閱讀書寫篇:依據課程綱目,內容包含原住民族作家之作品、世界文學、小說、童謠等多元內容。

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collecting already ranking of all ethnic groups in the editorial board of the Taiwan Aboriginal tribe language teaching schoolchildren to adult Jieke provide digital learning, fun applications to practicality, diversity, life, interesting content principle, within the broad tradition and modern stories, articles, lyrics and other diversified content.

◆ letter articles: pronunciation of letters and words to practice pronunciation and writing symbols contain ethnic ethnic language introduction, is the best entry-family language for beginners.
◆ life conversation piece: every dialect depending on the scene, event content, providing stepping pronunciation exercises, and focus on the words of the sentence introduction. After more practice, can be applied to everyday life.
◆ reading and writing papers: According to the course outline, content writers included Aboriginal works of world literature, fiction, rhymes and other diversified content.

■ APP eBook Guide ■
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In other communities, other publications, publishers and other distinction can be in accordance with the direction of individual learning, the degree of progress, can be downloaded on their own books. In home display provides reading e-books, you can enter after clicking this book for download.
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