Surah Al Jumua
Al kalam
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Sūrat al-Jumu`ah (سورة الجمعة‎, "Friday") is the 62nd surah of the Holy Quran with 11 verses. The chapter is named al-jumu`ah ("Friday") because it is the day of assembly. Where the community abandon trade, transactions and other diversions in favor of assembling to seek the all-encompassing Truth and Most Beneficent and seek the "bounty of God" exclusively.
This is a Madani Surah. It seems that the first part of this Surah was revealed in the 7th year of Hijrah after the Battle of Khaybar and the second part was revealed soon after the Hijrah in the 1st year of Hijrah. The Surah has 11 verses in 2 sections.
The Surah talks about the negligence of Bani Israel in obeying the commands of Allah and becoming too much involved in worldly matters. They only carried the Books of Allah, but failed to follow these books. Muslims are urged to observe the Friday prayer and should not get involved in business so much as to neglect the remembrance of Allah.
Introduction to the Sections of Surah
• Allah's favor upon Muslims that Allah sent His Prophet among them to teach them and to purify them. Bani Israel neglected the commands of Allah.
• Muslims are exhorted to observe the Friday prayers and always remember Allah.
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