Surah Maryam
Al kalam
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Sūrat Maryam (Arabic: سورة مريم‎, "Mary") is the 19th sura (chapter) of the Qur'an and is a Makkan sura with 98 ayat (verses). It is named after Maryam (Mary), Mother of Isa (Jesus), who appears in verses 16-34.
This Surah was revealed in Makkah sometime before the first Hijrah to Abyssinia, which was about 8 years before the Hijrah to Madina. The Surah has 98 verses in 6 sections.
The subject matter of this Surah is the true message and teachings of the Prophets of Allah. Several Prophets are mentioned here: Zakariyya, Yahya, Isa and his mother Maryam, Ibrahim, Musa, Ismail and Idris -may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of them. Allah blessed these Prophets. They taught Tawhid and called their people to the worship of Allah alone. Great miracles and signs were also shown in the lives of these Prophets and Messengers.

Introduction to the Sections
1. Prophet Zachariah's prayer for a son. Birth of John (Yahya) and Allah's favors upon him.
2. Maryam -peace be upon her - and the miraculous birth of her son Jesus -peace be upon him.
3. Prophet Ibrahim preached the unity of Allah. His conversation with his father.
4. Other great Prophets and Messengers of Allah.
5. The Resurrection will surely happen.
6. Criticism of misconceptions about intercession and the divinity of Jesus.

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