World War 2 History Timeline
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Discover World War 2 in an innovative way in our interactive timeline you can scroll by date, year and month.

Learn about the origins of World War 2 and use your fingers to scroll between important World War 2 events.

This exciting app will have you digging into history and learning more about World War 2.

World War 2 events included:
1) Axis Formed - Germany and Italy form alliance.
2) Germany and Russia sign Treaty of Nonaggression
3) Germany invades Poland on September 1, 1939
4) Germany invades Denmark and Norway
5) Germany invades Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Netherlands.
6) German planes bomb England. Battle of Britain begins
7) Rommel arrives in North Africa
8) Germans invade Greece
9) Hitler's Final Solution starts with order to Heydrich
10) Barbarossa Campaign begins. Nazis attack the Soviet Union
11) Pearl Harbor Bombed by Japan
12) Signapore falls to the Japanese on "Black Sunday"
13) Executive Order 9066 signed by President Roosevelt placed Japanese-Americans in Internment Camps
14) U.S. B-25s under Lieutenant-Colonel Doolittle drop bombs on Japan
15) Battle of Midway ends with a Japanese defeat
16) Germans begin their summer offensive towards Stalingrad.
17) First U.S. troops land on Guadalcanal
18) German 1942 offensive against Stalingrad grinds to a halt short of its objectives
19) North Africa: British forces under Montgomery push Germans out of El Egheila.
20) Germans surrender armies at Stalingrad
21) Germans withdraw from North Africa
22) Allied troops land in Sicily
23) Operation Shingle starts with Allied landing on Anzio, Italy beaches
24) Allied troops capture Monte Cassino after long siege.
25) D-Day - Allies invade Europe at Normandy, France.
26) Warsaw Uprising begins
27) Allies land in southern France
28) Operation Market Garden commences.
29) The liberation of the Philippine Islands by the Allies begins
30) Battle of the Bulge
31) Soviet armies reach the Oder River.
32) Allies reach the Rhine River
33) General Patton crosses the Rhine at Nierstein
34) Soviet troops reach the Austrian border
35) Americans liberate Dachau Concentration Camp
36) Berlin falls to the Soviets
37) V-E (Victory in Europe) celebrated
38) Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan
39) Japan formally surrendered
40) Nuremberg Trials start

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