RAIN Foundations
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How today ends can greatly affect how tomorrow will begin.Prudent ending begets propitious beginning. The powerful influence of your last exit and your next entry should not be underestimated. It is for this cause that this evening devotional has been written. Feed your mind and spirit on a page every evening before retiring to dreamland. And rest assured, your dreams at night will be divinely inspired. More often than not, the last things we do before sleep determine our dreams. You are likely to have a nightmare if you saw a horror movie before going to bed. By meditating the content of this book before sleep, you connect your senses to heaven for meaningfully significant dreams.

Meditating a page of this book before sleep will inspire, encourage, and prepare you for the next day. Make it a practice to read all the scriptural references provided for each evening. And spend at least five minutes to prayerfully ponder over what you read. You will certainly be blessed and when you are blessed, give all the glory to Jesus Christ. Without Him, this book would have been impossible. Remember to also recommend a copy to your friends and loved ones. Blessings, peace, and more to you.

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